Black Privilege Is On Full Display When This Track Star Is Removed From Flight


Do you remember Sha’Carri Richardson? She is a highly-talented, young athlete who qualified for the 2020 Summer Olympics as a sprinter in track and field. 

Due to COVID, the Olympics were postponed for a year, so she was set to compete in the summer of 2021. She then tested positive for cannabis which led to a one-month suspension right before the games were set to start. Because of that, Sha’Carri was passed over by Team USA for a spot on the Olympic team.

Many people were outraged by her suspension. Sha’Carri’s excuse was that she was anxious and emotionally upset over the loss of her estranged biological mother.

Granted, she had a very tough childhood, raised by her grandmother, and she was understandably distraught once she found out her real mom had died. Who wouldn’t be? So, she said smoked weed to deal with the tragedy.

Of course, that situation would be upsetting to anybody.

Yet, knowing Olympic officials are going to perform a drug test, it doesn’t seem like a viable excuse for doing drugs. Those are the rules.

Many leftists and pro-BLM pundits, however, attempted to turn the situation into a racial injustice crusade — as if she were suspended because she’s black and passed over by Team USA due to her skin color.

Now, it must be said, Sha’Carri is a tremendously gifted young woman. I want her to come back and I want her to be successful in her career. We all want her to do great things in her sport and in life.

But people don’t become successful if they are handed excuses.

Making her situation into a racial one gives her the mentality that she has black privilege. It’s giving her the idea that she doesn’t have to abide by the rules, because she can say, “I’m black, I’m suffering. I’m the victim.”

Don’t believe me?

Well, recently she was allegedly ejected from an American Airlines flight because she was arguing with a flight attendant who asked her to stop using her phone as they were going to take off — which is something all passengers have to do.

As the video purports to show, she began arguing not only with AA employees, but other passengers. For some reason, Sha’Carri thought she could keep recording, even though she was asked to stop — as the flight attendant would do to every other passenger in that situation.

Here’s the video, watch for yourself.

Now, we’ve all been on these flights before. We have all seen that one person on board, acting like a jerk, causing a scene while delaying the entire plane.

Many of us have likely been told to get off our phones or computers prior to departure. I’ve been that passenger who is trying to wrap up a phone call, only for a stewardess to request I get off the phone as we’re moving toward the runway.

So, what do I do? I hang up the phone and say, “Sorry, I will have to call you back.”

Why? Because I know I am not a special person. I have to abide by the rules. I wasn’t targeted for being black — I was asked to get off the phone because that is what the airline requires.

Instead of doing that, it seems Sha’Carri spent her time trying to paint herself as a victim, and she continued recording.

To me, this is a perfect example of black privilege. I see this sort of thing all the time.

In fact, I experienced a similar situation while living in D.C.

I was pregnant, walking across a crosswalk, when a black woman in a car almost hit me. She was totally in the wrong. I called her an idiot — she almost ran me over when I had the right of way — and she rolled down her window, yelled back, and began recording me.

At that moment, said, “Look at my skin color. I’m black. So if you’re recording to paint yourself as a victim because you just almost hit somebody, then you’ve got the wrong person.”

I think at that moment, she thought, “Why am I recording?” because she stopped filming.

Yet, recording people has become a form of protection for people who want to make themselves the victim. It’s an intimidation tactic used to send a message to those being recorded. We all know a viral clip can be taken out of context and can make you look like some evil racist.

So, when I saw Sha’Carri recording, it seemed she was setting herself up to play the victim. In reality, all she had to do was listen and it would have been over in no time. She likely would have been able to use her phone up in the air.

Maybe she would have listened had people stopped handing her “black privilege excuses” throughout life. But, not enough people have done that, so I will.

Sha’Carri, these incidents are not happening to you because you’re black or a victim in the world. Both the weed suspension as well as the incident with American Airlines happened because you did not follow the rules.

Plain and simple.

Yet, you want to create drama in your life. You may have had a very tough childhood, Sha’Carri, I don’t doubt it.

But let me tell you something, you were handed some talents the rest of us don’t have, and that gave you a literal leg up in life, OK?

And you’re not acting like it. You’re not acting like you’re grateful, you’re acting like a brat and somebody needs to tell you to button it up and behave well.

That’s it. Stop smoking pot. Stop yelling. Stop throwing tantrums.

Listen, you’re not special. I want you to go out in the world and I want you to be successful, and to do that you need to understand you are not a special snowflake and you are not a victim.

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