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Black Friday Madness: People Shot, Mall Brawls, Chaos Over Towels?

Americans now expect two things from Black Friday: crazy bargains and crazed people. Though a vast majority of Americans manage to remain decent and self-controlled, along with all the doorbusting deals of Black Friday, come the stories of mayhem and madness of shoppers going barbarian over a video game console or a plastic princess playset. Reports are starting to come in, and this year has seen some particularly disturbing, as well as hilarious, moments.

So far at least two people have been reportedly shot because of Black Friday madness. A New Jersey CBS-affiliate reports that a shopper was shot and killed outside a Macy’s department store at Atlantic City’s Hamilton Mall. Though the police have not provided many details, CBS 3’s Trang Do reports that the shooting outside the store resulted in the death of one unidentified person.

“Dozens of shell casings are scattered around a bullet riddled silver SUV in the parking lot of the mall,” reports CBS 3.

“It’s a tragedy…It’s very scary you know, you’re starting off the holiday season and you’re excited about the upcoming times with family and now there’s going to be family who are missing people and their holidays will never be the same,” one shopper to CBS.

In Reno, Nevada on Thanksgiving evening, “a dispute over a parking space” at a Walmart resulted in the shooting death of one shopper.

“What started as a road rage incident at the East Second Street Walmart in Reno Thanksgiving evening turned into a fatality, Reno Police Department, Lt. Scott Shaw said,” reports ABC 8. Shaw underscored that it was not an officer-involved shooting. ABC provides some more details:

Police are asking for the public’s help in finding a dark-colored Toyota Camry or Corolla, Shaw said. There should be damage to one of the side windows as well as possible damage to the brake lights or taillights.

The driver was described as a light-skinned black male. The car was last seen going west on East Second Street from the Walmart.

Several videos of Black Friday fights have emerged (some of which the American Mirror highlighted here), including this one in the middle of a mall in Modesto, California:

Welcome to the Modesto mall…

— Frankryan (@FrankryanM) November 25, 2016

And this brawl at a Fairfield, California mall:

On a less serious note, here was the scene at a Walmart in Houston, Texas, where a man who nearly lost his pants desperately battled for something clearly not worth the fight:

And then there was this intense competition for towels and other not hot items at a Walmart in Bainbridge, Georgia:

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