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Black? Check. Woman? Check. Old White Man Out? Check. Lew Announces New $20 Bill.

Politico reported on Wednesday that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew plans to announce a redesign of the $20 bill, replacing Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman.

An iconic abolitionist born into slavery, Tubman took part in missions to rescue enslaved family and friends following her escape.

Last summer, Lew announced that plans were being worked on to place a woman on the $10 bill, while promising to keep Alexander Hamilton on the currency.

Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen expressed relief on behalf of all women with the expected announcement.

Left-wing boxing and general sports commentator also expressed support on Twitter.

The news yielded the desired result of exciting the left-wing base of the Democratic Party.

In its campaign to reinforce the left-wing view of women as an oppressed group of people relative to men across history – with Hillary Clinton as scraping the contemporary phantom glass ceiling – Lew will further the Obama Administration’s narrative by incorporating “leaders of the women’s suffrage movement” on the back of the $10 bill.

The Obama Administration, Democrats, and broader left have been ramping up feminist paradigms of a “War on Women” being waged by dissidents and detractors, pushing Orwellian proposals such as “equal pay for equal work” and narratives of “rape culture” built on false premises.

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