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Black Americans Outraged After Feminists Foist A Pink ‘Pussyhat’ Onto Harriet Tubman’s Statue

Even though (Republican) abolitionist Harriet Tubman wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one of those grotesque pink “pussyhats,” feminists at the Women’s March over the weekend foisted one over the head of her statue in Harlem.

Though feminists thought they were being woke by showing solidarity with black women, the black community has understandably responded to the gesture with outrage. Not only does the move deface a public statue of perhaps one of the finest women in American history, but turns her into a ridiculous-looking joke. Here’s how Demetria Irwin put it for The Grio:

The placement of a silly pop culture symbol of non-inclusive white feminism on top of Tubman’s head is insulting. The person who perpetrated this stunt probably thought it was a “stick it to the man” gesture of solidarity with a historical freedom fighter and modern day feminism. That person is wrong.

Harriet Tubman is an American hero who helped liberate hundreds of Black people during the nation’s morally bankrupt era of chattel slavery. …

Her crusade stands alone as a testament to her drive, determination, and intelligence. Her story does not need any embellishment or flimsy connections to a modern movement that has nothing to do with her. No one is fit to touch Sister Tubman’s narrative nor lay a hand on a memorial built in her likeness.

Here’s what others were saying on Twitter:

Irwin concluded her piece reminding feminists that “donning a stupid hat, retweeting a clever quip, and marching once a year does not make one a freedom fighter.”

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