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Billy Bush Not Angry With Trump Over ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape: ‘He Was Being Him’

By  Paul Bois
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 04: Billy Bush visits the Build Series to discuss the celebrity entertainment show "Extra" at Build Studio on September 04, 2019 in New York City.
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

Former “Access Hollywood” Billy Bush is not angry with President Trump over the infamous “grab ’em by the p***y” tape that nearly destroyed his career during the 2016 election, reports HuffPost.

“He was being him,” Bush told CBS’ Gayle King in an interview that aired on Tuesday. “I think part of that personality and character was why he was successful in a boardroom.”

Bill Bush’s career took a massive hit during the 2016 presidential election, when NBC fired him from “Today” after the leak of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape from 2005 that featured Donald Trump bragging about sleeping with other women and grabbing women “by the p***y.” Throughout the tape, Bush could be heard laughing and egging on Trump.

Despite Bush’s apology for his participation in what Trump downplayed as “locker room talk,” Bush lost his job at NBC and fell out of grace for over two years. Bush told King he would actually be willing to have a conversation with Trump in the future due to his being “a really important person.” When King pressed Bush about why he went along with Trump’s remarks in 2005, he said it was to avoid losing him as a guest.

“Trump’s the kind of guy who would say, ‘Forget Billy Bush,'” he said. “You’re a little anxious around him because you just want [the interview] to end well and get out.”

Despite his career taking a nosedive, Billy Bush got a chance at revival earlier this year when the “Extra” series added him as an anchor on the new “Extra Extra” series. The first episode aired on Monday, during which Bush said he had grown ever since the “Access Hollywood” tape leaked.

“Bad things happen to all of us,” Bush said. “Going forward, I will no doubt have to report on people who have had a bad moment. I’m especially interested in seeing them own it and get back up.”

Bush told Gayle King in the Tuesday interview that he’s grateful to have been given a second chance after having his life disrupted. “I remember what it feels like to be all the way down,” he said. “And I won’t ever forget that, and think that’s a valuable asset.”

Bush even admitted that he had horrible thoughts about harming himself during his time in Hollywood’s proverbial jail.

“Your mind plays terrible games on you, when you’re lying on a floor and you’re crying and pulling your hair out,” Bush said. “Close to the end of the rope, but not at the frays.”

Writing on Instagram this past October, Bush lamented that he faced a far stricter punishment than anyone else did for his affiliation with the “Access Hollywood” tape.

“Two years ago today, my life went from order to chaos in a dramatic instant. I accounted for my small part, while the President and my employer walked away and still haven’t accounted for their actions,” said Bush. “These past couple years have been character-building, to say the least — anxiety attacks, fits of rage, feelings of betrayal and abandonment — and I have concluded that I am NOT extraordinary. Terrible things can happen at any moment to ANYONE.”

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