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Billionaire CEO Steve Wynn Accused Of ‘Decades-Long’ Sexual Misconduct

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Las Vegas billionaire Steve Wynn has been accused of displaying a pattern of sexual misconduct for decades, says a report from The Wall Street Journal, which spoke to over 150 current and former employees of the CEO.

One manicurist employed by Wynn says she was pressured into having sex with the CEO in his office in 2005, though she claims she did not want to do so. Other women recalled Mr. Wynn asking them to perform sex acts during scheduled massage appointments. Dozens of former workers, according to the report, “told of behavior that cumulatively would amount to a decades-long pattern of sexual misconduct.”

Wynn has denied any allegations of sexual assault and is claiming his ex-wife Elaine, with whom he is currently in a legal battle, is behind the allegedly false claims.

“The idea that I ever assaulted any woman is preposterous,” said Mr. Wynn in a statement.

“We find ourselves in a world where people can make allegations, regardless of the truth, and a person is left with the choice of weathering insulting publicity or engaging in multi-year lawsuits. It is deplorable for anyone to find themselves in this situation,” he continued.

“I have repeatedly refused to capitulate to [Elaine’s] demands,” Wynn added. “In response, I remain focused on Wynn Resorts, our employees and our shareholders and will not be distracted from those efforts.”

The manicurist who allegedly had sex with Wynn told the Journal that the mogul pressured her, married at the time, into taking off her clothes and having sex with him on a massage table he kept in his office. According to the report, some of the woman’s colleagues recounted her returning to the salon visibly distressed, telling them what had just transpired. “Those people she told about the incident recounted to the newspaper that the manicurist did not want to have sex with Wynn, but said he was persistent in his demands,” notes CNBC.

Other women recalled Mr. Wynn asking them to masturbate their boss during massages. One woman recalled being asked to perform oral sex; after she declined, she said her number of appointments with the CEO declined.

Due to the alleged pattern of requests from Wynn, former employees told the Journal that they would schedule fake appointments for female workers to avoid having to encounter Wynn.

In a statement, Wynn Resorts reiterated to CNBC that the accusations are a reflection of “allegations made in court hearings by Mr. Wynn’s ex-wife, Elaine Wynn, in her legal battle with him and the company.”

“It is clear that Mr. Wynn’s ex-wife has sought to use a negative public relations campaign to achieve what she has been unable to do in the courtroom: tarnish the reputation of Mr. Wynn in an attempt to pressure a revised divorce settlement from him,” says the statement.

Wynn Resorts said Elaine “knew about the 2005 allegations involving Mr. Wynn in 2009, she never made them known to the board of directors, of which she was then a member, and she did not raise them until after Mr. Wynn remarried and the shareholders of Wynn Resorts voted not to elect her to the board.”

“Since the inception of the company,” says the statement, “not one complaint was made to that hotline regarding Mr. Wynn.”

View the full Wall Street Journal report here.

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