Bill Maher: Oprah Is The Only ‘Sure Thing’ To Beating Trump

Comedian Bill Maher has doubts on if former Vice President Joe Biden would be able to pull out a win against President Trump in 2020, asserting that a celebrity like Oprah Winfrey is the only sure bet to score a victory, reports Fox News.

“The only person who is a sure thing is Oprah Winfrey,” Maher said on his HBO show. “I am telling you that at this particular moment in history, in this particular election year, she is the only candidate who is a sure thing winner for the Democrats.”

“Oprah alone checks all the boxes that a Democrat needs to win.”

Maher seemed convinced that celebrity star power is the most important asset against Trump, seemingly unaware of the fact that Oprah would have a difficult time winning over Trump’s working class base.

“This is now an ‘as seen on TV’ kind of country,'” Maher said.

Though Bill Maher appreciates Joe Biden, he admits that his candidacy may derail Democratic chances of controlling the White House in 2020.

“I like Joe but if we give him the keys, there’s at least a 50 percent chance he gets in the car and mows down a farmer’s market,” Maher said of the former vice president.

Bill Maher did, however, defend Joe Biden from people like Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), who accused him of being insensitive when he praised two white segregationists as examples in civility.

“I always imagined that… some real person who, like, sees this chattering going on among people who sit in places like this on the coasts and are always talking about some nonsense and they’re like, ‘What the f— are you talking about?'” Maher said.

The HBO comedian has been criticizing 2020 Democratic candidates for the past several weeks in hopes of weeding out the underdogs. Recently, he said that South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is too young and inexperienced to be president at this time.

“This is the only country that I can think of in history who doesn’t seem to get something very fundamental, which is that in general people older are wiser,” Maher said on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time.” “That’s the tradeoff of life. Of course there are exceptions. There are dumb old people and smart young people. But in general, yes, I’m OK with someone who has learned and grown and seen a lot and has experienced it and has seen patterns. I like Mayor Pete, but I do think 37 is a little too young. A little bit.”

Bill Maher also recently warned the Democrats that Trump will clean their clocks in 2020 if they turn illegal immigration into a “woke contest.”

“If it becomes a ‘woke’ contest, then the Democrats lose on this,” Maher said. “Yes, they look better, but it’s impossible not to look better next to him!”

In March, Maher also denounced social justice warriors as a “cancer on progressivism,” arguing they care neither about truth nor justice.

“I don’t think they’re interested in justice; I don’t think they’re interested in truth; I think they’re interested in clicks,” he said. “I think they’re interested in things that make people click, and when I read them it makes me glad I didn’t have kids who would see this. Hey, I got a smattering of applause there.”