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Bill Maher: ‘No President Can Unite Us. We Have To Unite Ourselves.’
BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 09: (EDITORS NOTE: Image was created in camera using a reflective surface.) Bill Maher attends the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on February 09, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California.
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During Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” comedian Bill Maher issued a message of unity as former Vice President Joe Biden stood on the precipice of media outlets declaring him winner in the 2020 presidential election.

Rejecting calls to denounce Trump supporters or Republicans as deplorable, Maher said that Americans need to learn to get along or else face Balkinization.

“‘You complete me’ doesn’t mean because we’re exactly alike. It means because we are different. I don’t want to live in a country without the red states,” he said. “I like traveling there. When people talk to you in Oklahoma, they’re not scanning the room to see if there’s someone more important. Because, frankly, when I’m there, there never is.”

Maher also commended people in red states for their sense of humor while knocking blue state liberals for always having a “stick up their a**.”

“Also, they laugh like nobody’s watching. They don’t have a non-dairy, gluten-free, hypoallergenic stick up their a**,” he said. “Even the pro-lifers will laugh at a good dead baby joke.”

Speaking of abortion, Maher said that he understands why conservatives might actually see progressives as the deplorable ones.

“Look, I’m pro-choice, but I also get it that a fetus is irrefutably becoming a human life. So, can I see why some people think you are actually the one who’s deplorable?” he said. “Yes, I can. So, let’s all stop doing that. Let’s all stop seeing each other as deplorable. Wednesday, Biden said, ‘We have to stop treating our opponents as enemies.’”

“We don’t all see the world the same way. Get over it. During the campaign, there was a lot of talk about who can unite us. No president can unite us. We have to unite ourselves,” he added.

As The Daily Wire reported, Maher also criticized Twitter for suspending U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan. Maher began by summarizing the situation to former Google employee Tristan Harris before criticizing Twitter for the suspension.

“Can I read to you what was blocked on Twitter just last week?” Maher asked. “This is from the head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan. I don’t really agree with this comment, but this is what he said. He was talking about they’re continuing to build the wall every day, which is his domain. ‘Every mile helps us stop gang members, murderers, sexual predators, and drugs from entering our country. It’s a fact. Walls work.’”

“I can take issue with some things in there, but it’s an opinion!” Maher said. “This should not have been blocked! This feeds into them saying, ‘You just don’t want to hear anything that you don’t agree with!’ And this is a platform! Twitter, it’s about expressing opinions. And here’s somebody [who] expresses an opinion, [may not] agree with it, but then it’s like, ‘Well, my opinion isn’t your opinion, so you can’t talk on my platform about opinions.’ That’s f***ed up too.”

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