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Bill Maher Tells 10 Democrats To ‘Get The F*** Out’ Of The 2020 Race

By  Paul Bois

After one debate, HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher has already called on 10 of the Democratic Party presidential candidates to drop out in order to narrow the field, reported Raw Story.

“Look, there’s too many people in this race,” Maher told his panel on Friday night. “So we saw them last night and the night before. I’ll give you veto rights, but I’m going to get rid of 10 of them right now. Is that okay? And if you disagree, just say.”

Maher then went down the line by holding up photographs of the various underdog candidates while telling them to “get the f**k out.” They were: Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, Sen.Michael Bennet of Colorado, former Rep. John Delaney of Maryland, Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Rep. Eric Swalwell of California, author Marianne Williamson, entrepreneur Andrew Yang, former Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas, and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

This guy, Hickenlooper. Nice guy. No, get out. Nice guy. Get the f**k out.

This is Michael Bennett. You know if you Google Michael Bennett, the first five that come up aren’t even this guy. Get the f**k out.

Oh, vice principal Delaney. Nice guy. Nothing here. Get out.

Tim Ryan. I think he said one good thing. No.

Kirsten Gillbrand. Al Franken says ‘Hello.’

Eric Swallwell. I like him. But you know, too young, it looked like he was wearing a toupe last night. Get the f**k out.

When it came to Marianne Williamson, actor and author Max Brooks interrupted to say her presence at the debate was a complete mistake.

“She was never supposed to be there,” said Brooks. “The crazy hippie lady. I heard there were too many Democrats, she snuck through security, she got herself on stage and Rachel Maddow was just too overwhelmed and didn’t notice.”

“She said a great thing about healthcare that I’m going to try to read after the show,” Maher replied.

When entrepreneur Andrew Yang came up, Maher appreciated intelligence but conceded he should not be in politics.

The mentioning of Beto O’Rourke prompted sympathetic sighs from MSNBC host Joy Reid. “Not youth pastor Beto. He reminds me of my daughter’s youth pastor. So, I feel badly,” she said.

“Here, you can keep the picture. But he’s not looking good,” Maher said.

Last (and certainly least) came de Blasio. “And this guy, start spreading the news. You’re leaving,” the HBO host concluded.

Maher’s call on the underdog Democrats to drop and save people the time comes just a little over one week after comedienne Samantha Bee made the same admonition to the same people.

“With 20 candidates set to take the stage, you’d think that the Democratic Party is just letting anyone in, but in reality, there are some candidates who didn’t make the cutoff, such as Montana governor and the man who will sell your house today, Steve Bullock,” Bee said. “Bullock is currently polling around zero percent because no one knows who the f*** he is.”

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