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Bill De Blasio Thinks Trump Is Dangerous. Here Are Five Ways De Blasio’s Dangerous.

By  Aaron Bandler

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio thinks that real estate mogul Donald Trump is dangerous, although in actuality de Blasio is the one that’s dangerous.

The Hill reports:

“[Trump] has now become dangerous,” he said on “Len Berman and Todd Schnitt in the Morning” on WOR-710 in New York.

“He has systematically affronted one group after another — women, Muslims, Mexican-Americans,” the mayor continued.

“Then he has started to say things that are positively un-American, like we are going to have Muslims on a list and not allowing people into the country based on a religious test. What has Trump done? Just look at the Constitution. This goes against all of our basic values.”

Here are five ways that de Blasio is dangerous.

1. He’s a far-left ideologue.

In a lengthy piece, City Journal’s Myron Magnet describes the people who influence de Blasio’s views:

To frame his Progressive Agenda to Combat Income Inequality, de Blasio held high-level Gracie Mansion powwows with such leftist luminaries as Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel; his Acorn-alumna intergovernmental-affairs aide, Emma Wolfe (who infused much of that defunct and corrupt outfit’s radical program into the new manifesto); Senator Sherrod Brown, whom President Obama flew back on a special plane from his mother’s funeral to cast the deciding vote for the 2009 stimulus package (which created 1.5 jobs per every $1 million of its $840 billion price tag); tax-loving Connecticut governor Daniel Malloy; and ex-Obama green-jobs czar Van Jones, a supporter of cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, forced out of his job for signing a petition charging that the Bush administration “may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen” and for publicly declaring (to use, he says, a “technical, political kind of term”) that Republicans are “assholes.”

De Blasio used to be an activist for the communist Sandinistas, and still speaks highly of them to this day. Having a far-left ideologue in power never bodes well.

2. Violent crime has spiked in New York City.

De Blasio and his supporters like to point to the fact that overall crime has declined by six percent, but as The New York Times‘s Matt Flegenheimer writes, “For the first time since the end of the 1990s, officials said this week, shootings in the city have been rising for two straight years. Homicides by gunfire, viewed as a significant measure of preventable violence, totaled 98 through May, up from 69 such killings in the same periods in 2013 and 2014.”

Magnet also writes at City Journal, “Murders jumped 19.5 percent in the first five months of 2015, compared with the same period last year, even as stop-and-frisks fell by over 40 percent, bringing the total drop since 2011 to nearly 95 percent.”

This is due to de Blasio handcuffing the police from frequently using stop-and-frisk and profiling, police techniques that may be controversial, but crime in New York City has increased as stop-and-frisk instances have declined. It’s also troubling that de Blasio does not seem interested in further cracking down on crime. The public seems to agree, as the percentage of people “seriously concerned” about crime increased from 36 percent in May to 46 percent in August, according to a Quinnipiac poll.

3. New York City faces a homelessness crisis.

Nicole Gelinas writes in the New York Post:

New York has always had homeless people and street beggars. One peed on my leg (accidentally) about 15 years ago in the Village, and about 10 years ago, I walked by a man defecating on Madison Avenue.

But over the past seven years or so, we seem to have more.

Vagrancy problems differ by neighborhood. From West Midtown to Fifth Avenue, I’ve seen more young white people, often couples or with pets, sitting with signs.

The numbers back up Gelinas’ observations. According to The New York Times, the amount of calls reporting homelessness encampments via the 311 app increased from well below 300 per month when de Blasio took office to over 600 per month in late 2015. The homeless shelter population has also skyrocketed to levels not seen during the tenure of the four preceding mayors..

De Blasio’s $1.2 billion homelessness campaign has monumentally failed, according to the Manhattan Institute.

4. De Blasio wants to have Syrian refugees come to New York City. This would be harmful to national security, as The Daily Wire has reported.

5. De Blasio favors keeping New York City a sanctuary city. Sanctuary cities are dangerous for their legal residents, as they attract criminal illegal aliens.

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