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Bill Clinton Calls ‘Make America Great Again’ Slogan Racist. There’s Only One Problem.

Former President Bill Clinton decided to use the left’s tired playbook of crying racism against GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. There was only one problem: Clinton had previously used that phrase himself in presidential campaigns.

In an appearance on Wednesday to promote his wife’s presidential campaign, Clinton pandered to the Democrat Party’s far-left, race-obsessed base by bizarrely suggesting that “Make America Great Again” is some sort of racist dog whistle.

“I’m old enough to remember the good old days,” Clinton said. “And they weren’t all that good in many ways.”

Clinton continued, “That message where ‘I’ll give you America great again’ is if you’re a white Southerner, you know exactly what it means, don’t you?”

Acting as if he had cracked some sort of code, Clinton blustered to the crowd of clapping seals: “What it means is ‘I’ll give you an economy you had 50 years ago, and I’ll move you back up on the social totem pole and other people down.”

However, Clinton himself has used this supposedly racist dog whistle in the past.

When he was campaigning for president, Clinton said: “Together, we can make America great again.”

Clinton also suggested that it was “time for another comeback, time to make America great again” in a 2008 ad for his wife’s presidential campaign.

Was Clinton pandering to a bunch of hick white Southern racists in 1991 and 2008? This is the same Bill Clinton that honored the Confederate Flag in 1987 as the governor of Arkansas and whose mentor, J. William Fulbright, the former Democratic Arkansas Senator, was an avid racist and segregationist who was a part of the filibuster against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Fulbright did eventually renounce his racist past, but it is rather odd that Clinton would rail against racist white Southerners when his mentor used to be one.

Independent Journal Review sought out some Southerners for their thoughts on Clinton’s insinuation that “Make America Great Again” was racist, and naturally they took offense to it.

“It is disgusting to see the look of joy on his face when he is making his claim of ‘what Trump REALLY means,'” said Natalie Nichols of Texas. “This is the man who two-stepped around the meaning of the word IS trying to tell the rest of the world what someone else’s words really mean. If it weren’t so disgusting it would be laughable. If he truly believed his own words, how could he realistically have such a happy-go-lucky demeanor when he was expressing them? Most people don’t talk about actual racism with a smile.”

“That never crossed my mind,” said Jim Nichols of Mississippi. “‘Make America Great Again’ to me means getting the government under control, getting the economy going again for EVERYONE, taking care of our veterans, undo the racial hatred that Obama has created, making America respected by other countries again, etc.”

Clinton should think twice before insinuating that “Make America Great Again” is a racist term, because by doing so he is calling himself a racist.