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Biden Surrogate, Known For Fraternizing With Enemy Troops, On COVID: ‘God’s Gift To The Left’
TOPSHOT - Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks at the Pittsburgh train station in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on September 30, 2020, during a train campaign tour. - Biden on Wednesday branded his presidential rival's caustic debate performance as a "national embarrassment" for not addressing concerns of everyday Americans and failing to clearly denounce white supremacist groups.

Actress Jane Fonda, a far-left activist known for fraternizing with enemy troops in Vietnam who were fighting against U.S. forces, declared this week that COVID-19 was “God’s gift to” the political Left.

The Washington Free Beacon reported, “Fonda appeared alongside vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris and the Biden campaign in a virtual event in September.”

In a video posted online, Fonda said, “We are people who can help determine which way humanity goes. What a great gift, what a tremendous opportunity, we’re just so lucky, we just have to use it with every ounce of intelligence and courage and wherewithal we have.”

“I just think COVID is God’s gift to the Left,” Fonda continued. “[Inaudible] terrible thing to say. I mean, I think it was a very difficult thing to send down to us, but it has ripped the band-aid off who [Trump] is and what he stands for and what is being done to average people and working people in this country.”

Fonda added, “We can see it now, people who couldn’t see it before, you know, they see it now and we have a chance to harness that anger.”

As The Free Beacon reported in September, the Biden team’s decision to campaign with Fonda came after the campaign repeatedly attacked President Donald Trump over a report from The Atlantic that claimed, based on anonymous sources, that Trump had disparaged U.S. troops during a 2018 trip to France. In response to the report, 14 officials who were with the president in France went on the record to dispute The Atlantic’s allegations.

The Washington Post reported on Fonda’s trip to Vietnam during the Vietnam war, which earned her the nickname “Hanoi Jane”:

She and actor Donald Sutherland started an “anti-USO” troupe to counter Bob Hope’s famous shows for the troops. They called it FTA, which they said stood for Free the Army, but it was also a not-so-subtle nod to the expression “f— the Army.”

By July 1972, when Fonda accepted an invitation to visit North Vietnam, America had been at war overseas and with itself for years. She went to tour the country’s dike system, which was rumored to have been intentionally bombed by American forces — something the U.S. government to this day forcefully denies. During her two-week stay, Fonda concluded that America was unjustly bombing farmland and areas far flung from military targets. North Vietnamese press reported — and Fonda later confirmed — that she made several radio announcements over the Voice of Vietnam radio to implore U.S. pilots to stop the bombings.

In Hanoi, Fonda also met with seven American POWs and later said they asked her to tell their friends and family to support presidential candidate George McGovern; they feared they’d never be freed during a Richard Nixon administration. Rumors spread and still persist that she betrayed them by accepting secret notes and then turning them over to the North Vietnamese. The POWs who were there have denied that this ever occurred.

But the action that still enrages veterans most was that photograph of her with North Vietnamese troops on an antiaircraft gun that would have been used to shoot down American planes. This, probably more than anything, earned her the nickname “Hanoi Jane.”

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