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BICKLEY: NPR Targets Daily Wire, Implicitly Presses Facebook To Suppress Traffic. It’s Time To Fight Back.


The public pressure campaign to quash The Daily Wire has begun.

It’s not going to work.

On Monday, publicly-funded National Public Radio issued a hit piece directed at The Daily Wire. The goal of the piece is obvious: to pressure Facebook to cut off our traffic. The piece, titled, “Outrage As A Business Model: How Ben Shapiro Is Using Facebook To Build An Empire,” is a masterful exercise in journactivism: it’s not news, it’s a simple activist attempt to push Facebook into silencing those who disagree. 

The piece is simultaneously dishonest and deeply authoritarian. 

On the dishonest side, it acknowledges that Daily Wire is a conservative news source, then tries to argue that Americans are unaware that The Daily Wire is conservative — despite the fact that every single one of our pieces carries a sentence at the end reading, “The Daily Wire is one of America’s fastest-growing conservative media companies and counter-cultural outlets for news, opinion, and entertainment. Get inside access to The Daily Wire by becoming a member.”

On the authoritarian side, NPR finds an “expert” to launder its own opinion: that conservatism ought to be labeled “misinformation” per se. Here’s NPR: 

The articles The Daily Wire publishes don’t normally include falsehoods (with some exceptions), and the site said it is committed to “truthful, accurate and ethical reporting.” But as [Jaime Settle, director of the Social Networks and Political Psychology Lab at the College of William & Mary in Virginia] explains, by only covering specific stories that bolster the conservative agenda (such as negative reports about socialist countries and polarizing ones about race and sexuality issues) and only including certain facts, readers still come away from The Daily Wire’s content with the impression that Republican politicians can do little wrong and cancel culture is among the nation’s greatest threats….”They tend to not provide very much context for the information that they are providing,” Settle said. “If you’ve stripped enough context away, any piece of truth can become a piece of misinformation.”

In other words, we’re telling the truth. We’re reporting facts. We’re stating openly that we’re conservative. And this means, according to NPR, we are promoting misinformation.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration is openly pushing for Facebook to crack down on “misinformation.” “They’re killing people,” the president declares, and his Press Secretary confirms his White House is keeping a list of publications it disagrees with and which it believes Facebook should censor.

And as with Henry II asking, “Who will rid me of this turbulent priest,” Biden’s state-funded knights at NPR spring into action to assassinate his enemies.

At least they’re getting paid off for their efforts. Judd Legum at Popular Information, Kevin Roose and Kara Swisher at the New York Times, and the rest of the establishment media have made themselves puppets of the president for free.

This would all be hilariously pathetic if it weren’t so frightening. A government-funded source not-so-subtly calling for Facebook to censor factual material from a conservative point of view, arguing that to do so would alleviate “polarization” — and doing all of that at the same time the White House is blaming social media for everything from January 6 to the Covid pandemic — is authoritarian and ugly.

As editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire, we work hard to bring you the news from a conservative perspective each day. We have a staff of dozens of reporters, writers and editors dedicated to telling you the truth — and we don’t hide our agenda. Every article we print tells our readers who we are: proud conservatives, irreverently bringing you the truth.

We unapologetically appeal to conservatives on social media, too. In fact, our success there has allowed us to bring a conservative perspective to millions of Americans. Which is why the Left is so angry — and why dishonest members of the press, who declare themselves objective while mobilizing on behalf of viewpoint monopoly, must be stopped.

Now, we don’t control Facebook. We aren’t the Biden Administration or the White House’s media lapdogs, nor are we on speed dial with the social media companies. What we have is you. That’s why we’ll win.

So please help us fight back against the establishment media monopoly and their brazen attempts to shut down the dissemination of information. Subscribe today to Daily Wire. While you’re at it, subscribe to our friends at The Blaze and Fox Nation and any other conservative outlet you support. The assault on your ability to access conservative information is only going to increase from here on out.

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