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Bias Alert: Remark by Trump Campaign Manager Gets Taken Out of Context by ABC News Reporter

By  Frank Camp

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Tuesday, Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, had an interesting exchange with former Bush administration Director of Communications Nicolle Wallace:

WALLACE: …there were some feelings that there were opportunities to pivot, where he’s squarely on offense, and where he does it really well all the time–on Benghazi, or on email. Will that be sort of the degree where he tries to step it up at all? Will it be getting himself on offense for more of the 90 minutes for the next two debates? Will that be sort of the adjustment?

CONWAY: Well, I was glad, Nicolle, that he pivoted to her emails because it was the only time it was raised the entire night–and I think it’s a very important and current issue to many Americans…Donald Trump is guilty of answering the question asked…He’s just a different kind of candidate…

When Wallace again asked if Conway will advise Trump to go on the offensive in the upcoming debates, Conway replied:

I think he’s great when he pivots, and I saw a lot of pivoting in preparation for the debates. I would encourage him to do even more pivoting, Nicolle. And I would also remind him what then-Senator Obama said in 2008, because I really saw it on display last night. He said that Hillary Clinton will say anything to win, and I think last night proved that again.”

Conway’s “pivot” remarks were taken slightly out of context by Ryan Struyk, a political reporter for ABC News. Shortly after Conway’s conversation with Wallace, Struyk simply tweeted:

The tweet elicited numerous snarky replies about Trump and his sanity.

Taken at face value, the “pivot” remark sounds like a desperate plea from a campaign manager to her client. Taken in the context of the conversation, however, it’s not only clear that Wallace prompted Conway to use the term “pivot,” but that it was spoken about in a positive light regarding hitting Clinton on her weak spots during the next debates.

Regardless of your opinion of Donald Trump and his candidacy, it’s best to always look into the details before reaching a conclusion.

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