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Why Aren’t Abortion-Loving Leftists Calling Beyonce’s Babies ‘Fetuses’?

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

On Wednesday, the left lost their collective mind when their cop-bashing goddess Beyonce announced that she was with child, two actually. Social media was immediately awash with worship and religious language praising the pregnancy announcement. Also notable, in between the mentions of the second coming of Christ (seriously), leftists were referring to Beyonce’s unborn babies as “babies,” not “fetuses,” nor “clumps of cells.”

Now, isn’t that odd? Abortion fanatical leftists are typically quick to euphemize anything associated with abortion in attempt to make the fatal procedure more palatable. It doesn’t matter that that unborn six-week old baby has a heartbeat, by endlessly referring to the baby as a fetus and conflating the practice of killing said unborn baby as “healthcare,” abortion almost seems acceptable.

But, as we see here with the divine Beyonce, her babies are called babies even by abortion fanatics. In fact, Beyonce herself humanized her human babies, writing, “I have three heartbeats.”

All of this exposes the left’s glaring inconsistency, but more importantly exposes the harsh reality of abortion, which is merely a mandate of death for the unwanted unborn. The left inherently knows that unborn children are human babies, and call them such when they are wanted, as if merely wanting a baby somehow makes it a baby.

Talk about anti-science.

I recently witnessed this inconsistency with the left when abortion-worshiper Lena Dunham’s newsletter referred to an unborn baby as “human,” an unintended slip-up. The then-pregnant editor, Jessica Grose, who made the feminist error even referred to her own unborn child as a “baby.” When I confronted Grose, instead of being forthright, she blocked me and avoided the question:

So, as the left celebrates Beyonce’s “babies,” and not her “fetuses,” let us make note of the flawed premises of the anti-science left: An unborn baby only magically turns into a baby when someone wants it; unwanted babies are not babies at all, but merely fetuses, which women have the “choice” to kill. Got it?

Oh, and celebrities’ “fetuses” are always babies, because leftists are for the little people, or something.

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