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Bette Midler Calls For Violence Against Rand Paul

In Hollywood, where “love trumps hate,” there was yet another pro-violence message against a Republican.

On Thursday night, actress Bette Midler responded to Republican Senator Rand Paul’s ultimately failed efforts to stall the massive government spending bill, advocating for violence against him via a reference to a neighbor who was charged with brutally assaulting Paul in November.

​“Where’s Rand Paul’s neighbor when we need him?” posted Midler on Twitter.

The attack by Paul’s Democrat neighbor, Rene Boucher, left him with serious injuries, including broken ribs and lung damage.

“It was sort of, I guess, a living hell for the first four or five weeks,” Paul said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” of his recovery. “Couldn’t get out of bed without assistance. Six broken ribs, damage to my lungs. Two bouts of pneumonia. It was really a tough go of it, but each day I feel a little bit better. This last month, I’ve been doing better.”

As noted by The Washington Examiner, “Boucher pleaded guilty and faces 21 months in prison.”

Midler has had a difficult time coping with the election, as evidenced by her unhinged Twitter feed. Just hours before her pro-violence tweet, Midler fired off these gems:

Stay crazy, Bette.

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