BOREING: Beto’s Most Delicious Election Tears


On “Daily Wire Backstage,” co-host and god-king Jeremy Boreing celebrates the epic loss of Democrat Congressman Beto O’Rourke to incumbent Republican Senator Ted Cruz. Video and partial transcript below.

Gents, please raise your Leftist Tears tumbler because we are about to imbibe the most delicious Leftist Tears agony of the evening.

If you do not have a Leftist Tears tumbler and are therefore unable to partake in the joy you are about to witness in us, you can go over and remedy that right now.

We are about to fill them with something so, so sweet. Kassy, the Twitter reaction to Beto’s loss in Texas…

KASSY DILLION: Guys, get the Tumblers ready. It’s not looking great. First, we have Alyssa Milano. She’s an actress who went to the Kavanaugh hearing. Here is her reaction. She says, “Beto lost? That’s okay, now he can run for president.” It seems a lot of Twitter is echoing that. A lot of Leftist blue checkmarks are saying the same thing.

BOREING: Hold on, Kassy. You might not think that is an obvious tear. That is fighting back. It is the sweet, sweet nectar.

DILLON: We also have another blue checkmark on the Leftist side. Katie Hoyt who says, “Help me understand. You know how many cheeseburgers Beto ate? How many t-shirts he ruined with all that sweat? How many thoughtful answers he gave? How many miles he drove? Who the hell is Neil Deichman? And why would you vote for him in a race like this? I’m bummed.” So, it seems we’re down to the third-party candidates now.

BOREING: Hang on, Kassy. I can’t hear you over the tremors going through my body and coursing through my veins as I (sip my Leftist Tears tumbler).