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Benjamin Watson Smacks Alyssa Milano Over Abortion: ‘Ignorance, Racism Or … Both’

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

On Sunday, pro-life advocate and NFL star Benjamin Watson took actress and abortion activist Alyssa Milano to task over her claim that laws restricting abortion would be “catastrophic” for black women. Watson chalked up Milano’s comments as “ignorance, racism, or some combination of both,” and asked the actress to stop patronizing black people.

Watson was reacting to Milano’s appearance on CNN last week. Pro-life laws “will affect the communities of color more than anything,” the actress told CNN host Chris Cuomo. “I feel like any woman of privilege that lives in one of these states — if this goes through — they’re gonna be able to travel to a state to get a safe, uh, reproductive health care (abortion). But for the women of color, for the women that are marginalized, for the women that are low-income communities, for the women that are most at-risk, these bill will be catastrophic.”

Milano also erroneously stated that “no one wants to get an abortion,” though the vast majority of abortions in the United States are elective.

“[For Alyssa Milano] to claim that giving MORE children of color the right to be born will negatively affect ‘women of color’ reveals IGNORANCE, RACISM or some combination of both,” Watson blasted.

“Our children and families are capable of greatness and lies like this harm our future. [Don’t] patronize us,” he added.

Though Milano and others in the pro-abortion crowd are disingenuously framing recently pro-life laws as racist, abortion bans in Georgia and Alabama would save the lives of black babies more than any other demographic. And, of course, the laws have an exception for the life of the mother. So the logic that the laws are racist is flawed, to say the least.

“The majority of women who obtain abortions in Georgia and Alabama are black, making black women the primary demographic affected by 2019 abortion legislation, data show,” reported LifeNews. “Data from the Kaiser Family Foundation on reported legal abortions reveal that 60% of the reported legal abortions in the state of Alabama in 2015 were obtained by black women. Similarly, 66% of reported legal abortions in the state of Georgia in 2015 were obtained by black women.”

Watson has been an outspoken advocate for the unborn. In March, the NFL star blasted New York’s extreme abortion law legalizing abortion up until the moment of birth for essentially any reason.

“I watched in horror as many of you did as New York legislators cheered – like they were at the Super Bowl – when the bill passed to allow [the killing of babies] up until birth,” Watson told a crowd at CPAC. “I watched that in horror. Sixty million have been killed since Roe v. Wade.

“We always have to steer to the truth that life begins at conception,” he said. “We need to be ‘pro-whole life people.’”

“Family is a gift, ordained by our creator. It should be cherished, not mocked; upheld, not ridiculed; held together, not torn apart. The strength of our families will ensure our future, or it will condemn it,” he added.

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