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Basketball Legend Isiah Thomas: ‘White Silence’ Is ‘Violence’

On Friday, now-retired NBA all-star Isiah Thomas proclaimed that “white silence” in the face of these allegedly racist times in 2016 America is the equivalent of actual “violence.”

“White silence is the equivalent to violence in these issues,” asserted Thomas, while appearing on ESPN’s First Take.

The show, aired live from a Southside Chicago YMCA to discuss racial issues, police brutality, social justice and activism, bypassed any real sports talk. The panel, which also included anchors Stephen A. Smith, Molly Qerim and Max Kellerman, all agreed that racism was to blame for the hardships blacks face today in America.

Kellerman essentially told Thomas that he believed white athletes needed to do more and become “socially conscious” in order to combat the alleged abundance of racism targeted at the black community today. After emptying himself of his white guilt, due to his inherent “white privilege,” Kellerman asked Thomas his stance on the issue.

“I look at white silence in these issues as violence,” answered Thomas. “White silence is the equivalent to violence in these issues. When you’re not standing up and you’re not speaking out for your brother, right, you and I are brothers regardless of skin color, and this is where this whole race thing, this constructed race thing really separates us in this country, and that’s what we need to get underneath, because any type of mistreatment of you, or oppression of you, I have to stand up and speak against that.”

Thomas then embarked on an odd rant about white people entering into a black neighborhood and possibly getting robbed, but not getting beat-up or shot over the color of their white skin. Apparently Thomas was expanding on his earlier remarks about “white silence,” though all he really managed to do was muddy the waters with incoherent babble: “If you came to my neighborhood, right? …They not just gonna [sic] take-off and beat you up because of your skin color, that’s not happening. Now they may rob you for your money, right? You know, they may take your money.”

Ever-so-strangely, Kellerman agreed that blacks might rob him if he were to enter their neighborhood, stating, “That’s right.”

“But they aren’t going to look at you as a white brother and say, ‘I’m just gonna [sic] go-off on him and start beating him up,’ or ‘I’m gonna [sic] shoot him,’ that don’t happen,” Thomas continued. “But they may take your money.”

Attempting to connect the dots, and possibly asserting that only white people are capable of hate-crimes, Thomas said that white folks “chase” out blacks from their neighborhoods without robbing them.

“Now, walking into a white community, right?” the NBA Hall-of-Famer started-up again. “And I was chased out of a lot of white communities because I used to shine shoes. Okay? And, I never could figure it out, they would chase us out of their communities, but they never would rob us; they never would take the money. So when you have silence on this issue,” he continued, “we equate silence with violence.”

Relevant comments begin at the seven-minute mark:

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