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Barney Frank: Justice Scalia Supported ‘Fag Burning’ [Video]

By  Amanda

On Tuesday, while appearing on MSNBC’s “Hard Ball,” former Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank said that the late Justice Antonin Scalia was a “leading advocate of fag burning.”

Frank made the outlandish comment during a segment on President-elect Donald Trump’s ill-conceived tweet suggesting we outlaw flag burning and implement possible imprisonment and a stripping of citizenship for perpetrators.

“[Trump] cited Scalia as his favorite judge,” stated Frank, “I think there was a pronunciation problem.”

As noted during the segment, Scalia sided against the outlawing of flag burning in a monumental 1989 case.

“Scalia was actually the leading advocate of fag burning, not flag burning,” said the Democrat. “And I think that’s where he got himself a little confused.”

“That’s not funny,” intoned “Hard Ball” host Chris Matthews, through fits of laughter.

In 1989, it was discovered that Frank, the first openly gay member of Congress, had a relationship with a male hooker named Stephen Gobie, whom the Congressman had once hired as a male prostitute. Gobie “was running a male-brothel out of the Congressman’s home. Frank claimed he did not know about the prostitution ring in his home, but he did use the power of his office to ‘fix’ 33 tickets for Gobie,” notes Business Insider. “And he knowingly wrote a misleading letter to Gobie’s probation officer in Virginia. Frank received a ‘reprimand’ for fixing the tickets. Gobie maintained that Frank knew about the prostitution ring operation in his home.”

Scalia, a Constitutionalist, sided against the legalization of gay marriage in the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges case.

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