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BACKFIRE: NFL Fans Demanding Refunds Over National Anthem Protest. And They’re Getting Them.

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Sick of seeing privileged millionaire athletes disrespectfully take a knee during the playing of our national anthem before NFL games?

Don’t worry, you can tune them out and get your money back.

In an unprecedented move, DirecTV is now offering subscribers a cancellation and refund of the NFL Sunday Ticket package if the customer is unhappy with the national anthem protests sweeping the NFL, ESPN confirmed via a source.

“Once the season starts, fans usually cannot cancel their subscriptions, but AT&T, which owns DirecTV, decided to change the policy due to the sensitivity of the issue. The price of the package, which allows fans to get out-of-market games, is about $280,” reports ESPN.

The Wall Street Journal initially confirmed the report.

At a Friday rally in Alabama, Trump asked the crowd if they would “love” it to see NFL owners fire “son of a b****” players who refuse to stand for our anthem. After triggering an onslaught of backlash from the Left, the president took to Twitter to, in typical Trump fashion, double down.

Predictably, athletes took to social media to rebuke the president and decided to take a knee during the playing of the anthem during Week 3 of the NFL games in “solidarity” with the anthem kneelers. Nearly 200 players knelt on Sunday and at least three teams stayed in their locker-rooms during the song, seemingly to avoid controversy, though it did not quell a healthy segment of the population’s outrage. On Monday, the Dallas Cowboys, including even owner Jerry Jones, took a knee before the anthem played; the crowd erupted in boos.

The move to stick-it-to-Trump is not going over as well as these athletes might have expected. Players have reportedly lost out on endorsement deals, NFL ratings are down, DirecTV is now handing out unprecedented refunds for their NFL package, and a majority of the American people believe players should stand for the anthem (64%).

In other words, disrespecting the flag and further politicizing the game in order to stick it to Trump is backfiring. Badly.

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