‘Back To The Future’ Star Christopher Lloyd Goes Viral With DeLorean Tweet

Actor Christopher Lloyd speaks onstage at the press conference during MEFCC 2016 at Dubai World Trade Centre on April 8, 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Photo credit: Cedric Ribeiro/ Getty Images Entertainment

“Back to the Future” star Christopher Lloyd has gone viral after he posted a tweet on Sunday showing him sitting inside the same car that he drove into both the future and the past in the famed sci-fi movie from 1985.

The 84-year-old actor definitely got everyone’s attention when he tweeted to his hundreds of thousands of followers a photo showing him sitting behind the wheel of a DeLorean featured at the Motor City Comic Con in Michigan over the weekend.

Lloyd-who famously played Emmett “Doc” Brown/creator of the time-machine car-didn’t include a whole lot in his post and simply tweeted, “Roads … or perhaps tunnels? elonmusk.”

The tunnels comment was a reference to Musk’s proposals to build a network of tunnels to deal with crazy traffic in busy cities. His company is currently working on building tunnels in Las Vegas.

At the time of this publication, the tweet has been viewed more than 16.4 million times and counting.

Motor City Comic Con also saw the post from the star from the “Back to the Future” franchise and tweeted, “It was an honor to host [Doc Brown] himself [Christopher Lloyd] at Motor City Comic Con this past weekend.”

“We look forward to seeing you all again this fall at Motor City Comic Con 2023 — Fall Edition happening November 10-12,” it added. “#BacktotheFuture #OhioTimeMachineRental.”

During Lloyd’s appearance on WXYZ’s panel discussion at the event, the Hollywood star talked to fans about playing his character in the futuristic movie alongside Michael J. Fox’s character Marty McFly, calling the response from the audience “amazing.”

Lloyd recently spoke to Variety magazine and answered if he would be willing to do another movie in the famed time-machine franchise.

“I would love to do a sequel, but I think Bob Zemeckis and [producer Steven] Spielberg felt that they told the story in the three episodes,” the actor said.

“But if somebody has a brilliant idea that would justify a fourth film it might happen,” he added.

He also talked about the on-screen chemistry between he and Fox.

“There was a certain ease between us,” Lloyd said. “I didn’t have to struggle get [sic] there with Michael. There was never any conflict. It just fit.”

“And it’s never stopped,” he added. “I feel like we could go and do it again after all these years and not have to think about the relationship between Marty and Doc.”

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