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Barack Obama: The Author of Our Woes

Were it useful in any way, the energy generated by the gigawats of raging apoplexy on the part of the left would run this civilization for an eco-friendly, sustainable century. But of course, it’s not. It’s just a lot of waste heat that needs to be dissipated, and that’s what video cameras are for: they are heat sinks for adult infants having temper tantrums.

They are livid, and they are livid – and approaching full operating pressures and temperatures — because Donald Trump has astonished the world by actually doing what he said he would do, and quickly too. He is starting to construct a border wall, and he has temporarily banned refugees from nations with known ties to Islamic terrorism. He has what most military minds would usually describe as the single greatest element for victory in the battlespace: Trump has the initiative. He is acting and the left is reacting.

What would be actually fun to watch – justice being still something of a circus novelty after eight years of Obama – would be to witness all of the Progressive outrage disappear if you could explain to them — Clockwork Orange style, natch – that the author of our woes is not Cheetos Hitler but the Lightworker himself.

The obvious point, of course, is that it is his wars – fought in seven countries (I think – it’s hard to keep track) without congressional or UN approval, are responsible for all of these sad-eyed, young, fighting age men being denied access to America’s largesse.

But the main point is far more subtle, but only because it happened at the speed of creeping ivy. That is simply this: the border wall is a result of Barack Obama’s policies, not Donald Trump’s, and the ban on certain refugees is also the result of Barack Obama’s policies, not Donald Trump’s.

If the United States had maintained a border, we would not need a wall. The wall is the result not of a neglect of the border, but a willful destruction of it on the part of Barack Obama for reasons known best to the ghosts of Saul Alinsky, Benedict Arnold and Pancho Villa.

A roof is designed to keep out the rain. Roofs leak. Prompt attention to those leaks means the roof is restored quickly, easily and inexpensively. Ignore the leak, and the hole gets bigger. Ignore it long enough, and the supporting beams start to rot and toxic mold infests the entire home. Sometimes it’s cheaper to build a whole new house than to completely repair the damage caused by years of neglect.

Obama has not neglected the border. If the border is a leaky roof then Obama had been directing a garden hose, and then a fire hose, at the cracks until the roof, like the border, is meaningless and useless.

Obama is responsible for the wall. And if the President of the United States – the first President to be elected after 9/11 – had been willing to discuss Islamic Terrorism, instead of denying that such a word (never mind such a concept) existed, then we would have had an adult conversation about this problem with refugees and come up with a better solution than the emergency measures now being forced upon us.

But no. Here, too, the man responsible or preventing the deluge has been the one opening the floodgates, and he and his supporters have no one to blame for the drowned innocent but themselves.

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