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Author Kurt Eichenwald Loses It: ‘I Literally Hate Tara Reade,’ ‘ Rot In Hell’
Kurt Eichenwald attends "THE INFORMANT!" New York Premiere at Ziegfeld Theatre on September 15, 2009 in New York City.
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New York Times best-selling author and journalist Kurt Eichenwald has some strong opinions on Joe Biden’s sexual assault accuser Tara Reade. In an angry Twitter tirade over the weekend, “The Informant” author denounced Reade as a “liar,” telling her to “rot in hell.”

“This is going to be an ugly, angry thread,” Eichenwald begins in his lengthy post. “It’s going to be about rape, written by someone who was violently raped in the early 1980s. Tara Reade is a liar. I’m now certain of that beyond a reasonable doubt. Her attention-seeking or corrupt performance has demeaned people who have been actual victims. The willingness of Bernie Bros and Republicans and Russians demonstrates that this vicious, violent crime to be just something to exploit as a political tactic.”

“I gave this a lot of time, absorbing each new detail,” he continued. “I listened. I waited. NOW I am angry as hell. These people keep pushing those like me back into our trauma by lying and games playing. For every Tara, there will be a million actual victims who will not come forward because she will have undermined all credibility.”

Eichenwald then clarified that Tara Reade is different than Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, even though the latter could not produce a single corroborative witness while Tara Reade has reportedly produced several.

“This is different than Ford – it is not ‘what party are they attacking? OK, that decides who I believe,'” he added. “I have never ever ever believed this ‘If someone accuses, believe them’ crap. If someone accuses, *respect* them, listen, wait. But don’t let frauds like Tara do this.”

For several more posts, Eichenwald then recalled his own brutal experience with rape in the 1980s, emphasizing how he remembered every detail (something Christine Blasey Ford could not do) and the way he dealt with trauma. He contrasted his experience with that of Reade’s, while trashing aspects of her story, and repeating talking points that she is somehow an asset of Putin. As to why her accusation has ballooned into a national sensation, Eichenwald blamed it on the media.

“I literally hate Tara Reade,” he said in the post. “I do not know what motive or mental illness she has that led to this nonsense, but I know she is aware that this is a lie. And I hate the media on this.”

“This has gone on too long, and it upset me too much,” he concluded. “I will get to why this is different than Ford tomorrow. But Bernie types and GOPrs and Russians, I want you to know, you disgust me. Actual victims are not playthings for your political games. Drop it. You are not human. And as for you Tara, please know: You will be getting the attention you so dearly crave, and hopefully it will be when you have your perp walk for filing a false police report recently. Real victims are also not toys for you to gain attention or political goals. Rot in hell.”

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