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Author Jodi Picoult Breaks The Stupid Barrier With ISIS/Grinch Tweet

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Jodi Picoult broke the stupid barrier with a Sunday tweet comparing ISIS to the Grinch stealing Christmas from the Whos in Dr. Seuss’ beloved How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

According to the author, murderous jihadists who blow themselves up in order to spill the blood of innocent “infidels” in the name of Allah are reminiscent of a selfish, grumpy, but ultimately lovable fictional character stealing toys on Christmas night — and the only way to stop ISIS, as was the case for the Grinch, is to “love.”

After getting lambasted on Twitter for the asinine take, Picoult deleted the tweet, but conservative writer Matt Walsh of The Blaze captured a screenshot of the gem.

“When terror attacks happen, I think of the Whos in the Grinch, singing after Xmas is ruined. It isn’t fear/hate that changes him: it’s love,” wrote the author.

Picoult would later complain about how many Twitter users she had to block and eventually retreated to the lines of defeat: signing off of Twitter for the time being.

But Picoult is not alone; the notion that ISIS just needs the medicine of “love” to be cured from their fervor for murdering innocents is a prevalent view on the Left, frighteningly enough.

For instance, liberal director Josh Fox once similarly suggested “love” will stop ISIS.

There was also Facebook founder and future presidential candidate Mark Zuckerberg spewing the love-will-defeat-ISIS garbage:

And just as recently as Sunday there was CNN commentator Sally Kohn offering a similar take: we can destroy ISIS with political correctness! Brilliant.

Kohn followed-up with more silliness:

Next time radicals attempt to blow themselves up because “infidels” are enjoying a pop star’s concert, we will be sure to arm police officers with “love.” Then, surly, no one will be killed.

Final thought from Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro:

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