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Attorney General Jeff Sessions Deserves All the Public Hell Trump Can Dish Up

We gave the Republican party total control of the federal government and all these grifters have managed to do is investigate Trump. Six months into a golden opportunity that is rapidly closing, Obamacare is still the law of the land, the border wall is not funded, and there is little hope of tax reform. The Republican Party is corrupt, cowardly, and useless. On top of that legitimate frustration, Trump has an Attorney General in Jeff Sessions who is just as cowardly and useless.

First, after allowing himself to be intimidated by the media, Sessions left Trump’s flank exposed by recusing himself — for no good reason — from the Russian conspiracy theory that both the Democrats and the media are using to plot a presidential coup. Then, almost as quickly as Sessions could recuse himself, his just-as-useless deputy appoints Robert Mueller — a partisan hack who has been leaking like a crazy man and hiring only partisan Democrats — as a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Russian matter, a matter where not a single shred of wrongdoing has been exposed.

Mueller is not only conducting a partisan witch hunt, but thanks to Sessions’ own Department of Justice, Mueller and his merry band of left-wing partisans are conducting an unprecedented oppo-research dig in advance of the 2020 election, and doing so at taxpayer expense.

Heckuva job, Jeffy!

If that is not bad enough, where the hell has Sessions been these past few months on other important matters? Where are the investigations we have all been waiting years for, the serious investigations into the Clinton Crime Foundation? Where is the investigation into the actual Russian collusion between Hillary, our uranium, Putin, and Bill’s epic speaking fees?

Where are we at with the Democrat National Committee’s refusal to turn over its computer servers (which it claims were hacked by the Russians to benefit Trump)?

Where are the investigations into all of these illegal Deep State leaks?

Where is the legal sh*tstorm over the Obama administration figuratively wiretapping Trump through all the illegal unmasking and leaking by way of literal wiretaps?

While the Democrats and media hurl all kinds of fire, although he has plenty of fire on his own to fight back with, Sessions The Recused just sits there with his thumb in his mouth doing nothing to not only investigate matters that are far from settled, but to fight for his own freakin’ president.

This is unforgivable.

My guess is that no small part of Trump’s frustration comes from the incalculable anguish of watching his own family dragged through this conspiracy mud. Meanwhile, someone who could actually do something to relieve some of this anguish, his own Attorney General, just sits there lounging in his comfortable recuser eating Cheetos and flipping through the cable channels, doing everything but what he ethically should be doing to defend his president and investigate these Obama-era scandals that were swept under the rug by previous attorney generals and our lying news media.

Man up and fight or get the hell out, Jeff.

That is the public message Trump is sending, not just to Sessions but to all the feckless cowards…

And the only thing wrong with this message is that it should have been sent months ago.

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