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Artists For War: Protesters Demand ‘No-Fly Zone’ By Dropping Paper Airplanes At New York Art Museum
Members and supporters of the Ukrainian community attend a protest against the Russian invasion and call for a no-fly zone, in Times Square, New York, on March 5, 2022.
(Photo by ED JONES/AFP via Getty Images)

“Make war, not art,” seems to be the latest rallying cry from the Left as once peaceful-progressives demand the United States government insert its military prowess in Ukraine by creating a “no-fly zone” over the Eastern European nation.

On Monday, it was reported that New York “artists” threw dozens of paper airplanes as part of a demonstration demanding that U.S. and its allies create the “no-fly zone” to stop Russian President Vladimir Putin. If it seems like we’re living in Bizarroland, we’re not — it’s just Joe Biden’s America.

“#NewYork artists hold a campaign with a request to make a no-fly zone over #Ukraine️ Paper airplanes, calling to stop Putin, were thrown from all the floors of @Guggenheim museum,” one Twitter user shared while showing a video of the demonstrations.

A Facebook posted by one of the protesters gave more information:

“NO FLY ZONE OVER UKRAINE!” Betty Roytburd demanded.
“We, New York based artists and cultural workers are calling for a NO FLY ZONE OVER UKRAINE and for the end of Russia’s war on Ukraine,” Rotburd explained. “We want to bring attention to the Russian targeting of nuclear power plants and are calling for the prevention of a world wide nuclear and humanitarian catastrophe! Photography by Tanya Posternak and Zhenya Posternak”

But what these folks do not understand is that life does not always imitate art.

In the museum, curators might put up a “No throwing paper airplanes” sign to create a no-fly zone. In the war, the American military — or a NATO ally — would have to shoot down a nuclear power’s aircraft over Ukrainian territory, likely resulting in untold death caused by escalating Russia’s invasion to full-blown World War III.

Even Secretary of State Antony Blinken has shot down those who have floated the idea.

“[The] president’s been very clear about one thing all along as well, which is we’re not going to put the United States in direct conflict with Russia, not have, you know, American planes flying against Russian planes or our soldiers on the ground in Ukraine,” Blinken said in response to being asked about the maneuver, according to The Hill.

“The president also has a responsibility to not get us into a direct conflict, a direct war with Russia, a nuclear power, and risk a war that expands even beyond Ukraine to Europe,” he continued. “That’s clearly not our interest.

“What we’re trying to do is end this war in Ukraine, not start a larger one,” Blinken added.

The Guggenheim museum — where the event took place — might be best known for its abstract art, but there would be nothing abstract about a no-fly zone. It would have serious, real-world consequences.

These budding-artists are not alone in their desire for NATO and the U.S. to step up its game in Ukraine. A recent poll indicated that “74% of Americans — including solid majorities of Republicans and Democrats — said the United States and its allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization should impose a no-fly zone in Ukraine,” Reuters reported.

But, now it’s not just the American people who may not be aware what a no-fly zone actually entails, it seems members of U.S. government are looking to the idea. On Monday, Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich reported that certain folks in Congress are considering a different version of the military tactic:

“Separately, some members of congress are beginning to advocate for a non-kinetic no-fly zone – something to the effect of using electromagnetic pulse, sonar, and cyber to keep Russian jets on the ground so they can never take off,” Heinrich tweeted. “Unclear how much support this will end up getting.”

But, even there, an electromagnetic pulse sonar — EMP  — would be considered an act of war and also escalate the conflict to a global scale.

Whatever the case, these artists at the Guggenheim have to understand what is at stake if their demands are implemented.

In short, they won’t have time to focus on painter Bob Ross’ brush stroke techniques, as they might like to do. Rather they — and the rest of us — would have to start reading up on Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and her five stages of grief in the book, “On Death and Dying.”

For death and dying is exactly what would proceed a no-fly zone in Ukraine.

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