Are You Black Pilled?


Gina Bontempo asked this question on Twitter: “Are you black pilled about the future?” While I cannot be certain what the black is, I have a good guess. 

I started my political career on YouTube under Red Pill Black. What the name meant to me was, I was going to be a red pill for black America. The red pill is a cultural reference to “The Matrix” when Morpheus tells Neo he can take the red pill and see “how deep the rabbit hole goes.” In other words, if you take the red pill, you will understand the reality you thought was reality is not really reality at all. It is a reality that has been created for you. So, I wanted to unveil this reality. For me, taking the red pill was an astonishingly hopeful and optimistic experience. I had woken up to all the lies of my childhood, the lies of the education system, and the lies the media had spun throughout my life as a black person. I was hopeful because I felt like my life was finally able to begin. I was convinced that if everyone could see how the system works — how the system really works — we could become freer. Even more, if everyone in the world could see, we could become a freer humanity. 

Each day, I would wake up feeling a genuine sense of hope and excitement. I spent four years sharing this message. I talked to everyone — students, adults — about this realization I had come to. During those four years, I met my husband. He was a British citizen, and he too was flying high with optimism. At the time, he thought the United Kingdom had a chance of becoming like America, the land of the free. When we got married, where we would live was not even a question. My husband insisted we live in America and start our family here. It was interesting to me to see America through his eyes, to see a foreigner’s viewpoint on what the United States represented. He loved it: America, the land of opportunity. Those were the Trump years. America was back.

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Since then, something has changed. Our discussions at home have changed. A different kind of emotion — different than hope and optimism — pervades our conversations. In their place, we now almost have a sense of fear. We talk about if we should move somewhere isolated, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. We say things like, “Let’s make sure the property has running water so we can raise and grow our own food. We’ll be entirely self-sustaining. Just in case.” We discuss homeschooling our children or sending them overseas for their education. We ask what our second plan would be, where we would live if things go downhill faster, and if Switzerland or Africa would be a better choice. 

We ask these questions because we do not feel secure about the future — about even the next five years. This is what the black pill experience must be: America is transforming into a dystopian nightmare. We recognize our intelligence agencies as terrorists — at first, overseas. They staged revolutions, installed puppet presidents, murdered and imprisoned civilians all in the name of democracy. Now, the CIA is “fighting for democracy” in America using the same tricks—staging revolutions and interfering with our elections by locking up political dissonance. The FBI led the January 6 insurrection. Now, no one cares when transgender people are doing this. And further, they have indicted Trump himself. How sad. How deeply, deeply sad. 

What is even more sad is our most recent example: the anti-Christian hate crime that took place in my own city in March of this year. Three elementary school children and three grown adults were executed by a transgender person. But the government did not come out in defense of Christianity. Instead, the government defended transgenderism. President Biden told those who claim to be transgender, “We see you just as you are, made in the image of God and deserving of dignity, respect, and support.” Then the press secretary took it even further, saying, “Our hearts go out to the trans community, as they are under attack right now.” A member of the trans community quite literally attacked Christians, left a manifesto, killed six people, and the White House wanted you to know that responding to that vicious attack is disturbing to them. 

This is the America we are living in right now. We need no further examples. This is the black pill: resigning oneself to a certain truth. America is in a death spiral. We are suffering. At some point, I had to admit to myself that I have become cynical about the future of America. I have recognized that something is shifting. I still have some hope, but it is not what it once was.

So how do we regain hope and optimism? We must have the courage to say what needs to be said. Reading articles, listening to podcasts, and silently liking Tweets is not enough anymore. We are reaching a pinnacle here, and we need every person to be willing to fight. 


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