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Apparently You’re ‘Deeply Transphobic’ If You Don’t Want To Sleep With A Trans Person

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

So, the term “equality” has really come a long way for those in the trans movement — a real long way. According to trans activist and blogger Tiffany Berruti, if you don’t want to have sex with trans people, you’re deeply transphobic.

For real.

In a post titled, No, I Don’t Have To Tell You I’m Trans Before Dating You, Berruti explains that finding “transness” unattractive is “transphobic.” Though, according to Berruti, you’re allowed to not be attracted to “specific genitals”:

“[N]ot being attracted to trans people is deeply transphobic. The entire notion that someone isn’t attracted to a group of very physically diverse group of people because they are trans is built on fear and disgust of trans people. None of this means it is transphobic to not be attracted to individual trans people. Nor is it transphobic to not be attracted to specific genitals. But it is transphobic to claim to not be attracted to all trans, people. For example, there is a difference between saying you won’t go out with someone for having a penis and saying you won’t go out with someone because they’re trans.”

Berruti added, “not being attracted to trans people supports the idea that transness is disgusting which is the basis for transphobic oppression.”

“Every single cis person that says that trans people have to come out because they aren’t attracted to trans people feeds into the system that caused Jennifer Laude’s death,” wrote the blogger, referring to a trans woman who was heinously murdered after a man whom he had sex with found out he was a actually a trans woman.

Of course, one can fully recognize the humanity of a person who is trans and agree that trans people deserve equality (not extra rights) while simultaneously rejecting the potential of an intimate relationship with a trans person. This is obvious. If a man is attracted to women, for instance, he will likely not be attracted to a trans woman because a trans woman is actually a biological man, and likely still has a penis, unless he’s had surgery.

This is not transphobia, nor is it contributing to the murder of trans people, as Berruti suggests.

But Berruti is one step behind the most woke transgender activist of all, Riley J. Dennis of Everyday Feminism, who has argued that only being attracted to one kind of genitals is transphobic.

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