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Antifa Doxes Journalist Andy Ngo’s Donors

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo
Members of Antifa watch police and far right protesters during the Patriot Prayer Rally.
Photo by Kainoa Little/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

On Thursday, an Antifa activist doxed people who’ve contributed to journalist Andy Ngo’s GoFundMe page, which was opened after Ngo suffered a brain hemorrhage from an attack by left-wing Antifa activists while covering one of the group’s violent protests in Portland this summer.

Doxing, or posting the identity/personal information of someone with the intent to cause them harm, has become a common tactic of far-left activists, including Antifa.

“Oh f***, I might f*** around [and] expose these donors,” the Antifa account, @TheQueerCrimer, started a thread on Thursday, captioning a tweet about Ngo’s GoFundMe account.

The subsequent 16 tweets in the thread showcased screenshots of 35 individuals, nearly all of their locations, and employment information. The Daily Wire will not be posting the screenshots with said personal information.

Mr. Ngo responded to the doxing from the account on Friday morning.

“Last night an antifa account decided to go after those who donated to my GoFundMe when I was hospitalized in June by releasing their photos & personal info,” the journalist posted. “This is depraved & a new low, even for antifa. I have reported this to Twitter and GoFundMe.”

“If you want to go after someone, go after me. Leave those around me—my family, my supporters—the hell alone,” Ngo, the son of Vietnamese immigrants, added.

“[Andy Ngo] reported me to twitter and GoFundMe,” @TheQueerCrimer captioned a screenshot of Ngo’s statement on the doxing, adding three laughing emojis.

Ngo’s unrelenting video coverage of Antifa, particularly in Portland, has made him a constant target of the far-left group. Last month, for example, six suspected male Antifa members went to the journalist’s family home and doxed his elderly mother’s small business.

“Wearing print-out masks of Ngo’s face, the individuals repeatedly rang the doorbell of the home and banged on the windows, according to the reporter. In the provided video footage from Ngo, it appears that one of the suspected Antifa members, who is wearing thick gloves, grabs the handle of the front door,” The Daily Wire reported.

“These [six] individuals wearing print-out masks of my face approached my family’s home last night, repeatedly rang doorbell, pounded on window, recorded footage of property, and gestured at cameras,” Ngo captioned a video of the incident. “There were no candy bags.”


And, of course, the journalist was brutally beaten and reportedly robbed by Antifa this summer.

“I was beaten on the head & robbed on 29 June. Antifa then continued to hurl ‘milkshakes’ at my bleeding face. I was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage,” Ngo captioned a video of the vicious attack.

As previously highlighted by The Daily Wire, it was suspected by authorities that some of the “milkshakes” being thrown by Antifa were made with quick-dry cement.

“Ngo has been subjected to targetted online harassment, death threats, as well as open efforts to make his life more complicated by creating ‘inconveniences and environment hostility’ by applying pressure on businesses to refuse service to him, as well as for him ‘to be publicly de-platformed ala Milo [Yiannopolous],'” The Post Millennial reported earlier this month.

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