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Anti-Trump Actress Alyssa Milano Gets Slammed For Tasteless National Prayer Day Tweet

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

There’s a lot of noise about so-called Trump Derangement Syndrome; while this seems like an over-used hyperbolic swipe at lefties, the term is actually fitting for actress Alyssa Milano.

On National Prayer Day, a day designated by President Donald Trump to offer prayer for the victims and the people fighting through the destruction of Hurricane Harvey, anti-hate Milano sought to bash the president, instead of applauding or merely ignoring the nonpartisan move like all the sane people.

The actress captioned the tweet with, “Remember, Sunday is National Asshole Day (by Presidential Proclamation)!”


Milano was then hammered by folks across the political spectrum for her moronic tweet.


To be fair to Milano, she’s been going through some hard times. Since November, Pantsuit Queen Hill lost the election, Hollywood favorite Jon Ossoff lost the special election in Georgia, Milano reportedly evaded taxes (which is ironic because liberals love taxes and big government), and President Trump has remained in office despite her temper tantrums.

Life is hard.

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