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Anti-Science Feminists: Men Can Get Abortions, Too!

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Feminists love the murder of unborn babies so much that they’ve just opened up abortion procedures to everyone, not just those with uteruses. Now, if you’re worried about a silly little thing like biology getting in the way of this fantasy, just cast that narrow notion from your mind — science is irrelevant in Feminist Land!

In a listicle riddled with misinformation and lazy conservative stereotyping from Everyday Feminism, entitled “6 Abortion Myths We Need to Put to Rest Once and For All,” a feminist blogger busts the “myth” that abortions are only for women.

“Myth #6: Only women get abortions,” contends the listicle.

“Abortion rhetoric is highly gendered,” complains the feminist. “Rarely is it even acknowledged that abortion patients are not exclusively cis women.”

The blogger moans that abortion procedure rhetoric “completely erases” men from the discussion; that is, trans “men.”

“There are plenty of trans men who need access to abortion and who receive them,” states the blogger. “There are also plenty of other trans folk who don’t fall into the gender binary who also get abortions.”

“We must recognize the cissexism within reproductive rights activism and stand with trans people,” the author adds.

Of course, trans “men” are biological women who believe they are men, hence their ability to get pregnant at all. But feminists at Everyday Feminism reject this wholesale, scolding anyone who dare suggest that a trans person is actually still the biological sex they were born as, making this whole men-can-get-pregnant-too business super awkward.

Everyday Feminism also believes that men need pap tests; see: “Guys Need Pap Tests, Too: A Trans Man’s Guide to Visiting the Gyno.”

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