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Anti-Science Caitlyn Jenner: ‘No Big Advantage’ For Transgender Men In Women’s Sports

Retired Olympic Gold Medalist Caitlyn Jenner (aka Bruce) claimed Monday night that biological men who identify as women enjoy “no big advantage” when competing in a physical sport against actual women. But when pressed on the truth of the matter by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Jenner ran away with, “We’re not going to go into all that stuff.”

Although there are many examples, Carlson brought up a specific one involving a 39-year-old man who identifies as a woman, who was then allowed to compete as a woman in a weightlifting competition, and of course went on to win.

Carlson said to Jenner:

A transgender woman just won a major weightlifting title. Some people said, well, this is someone who has a massive physical advantage over the other entrants in that contest. It seemed like a real thing to me.

Jenner responded with a word salad. Here are the highlights:

[T]he Olympic Committee has done 20 years of studies on issues of hormone levels of whether you need gender confirmation surgery, what can you do as a trans person to be able to compete as your authentic self. And they’ve come up with guidelines. If you meet those guidelines, you can compete. And obviously this woman did.

“Do you think it’s fair?” Carlson pressed.

“Yes, I think it’s totally fair,” Jenner replied. “If the Olympic Committee thinks it’s fair, I’m fine with it. Yes, because there’s no big advantage.”

Armed with science – you know, the simple fact that as a whole men enjoy big physical advantages over women – Carlson dug in and Jenner proved he had no good answer, other than the shield of political correctness.


Well, in that case there was a big physical advantage.


Yeah. [awkward pause] Well, we’re not going to get into all of that stuff. Physical advantage has nothing to do with it. In fact, I think, I’m pretty sure, [with] the Olympic Committee you don’t even have to have gender confirmation surgery.

Physical advantage has nothing to do with it?

Oh, okay.

Of course Jenner doesn’t have a good answer because the entire idea is not only anti-science BS, it is grossly unfair to these women who train and train and sacrifice and sacrifice almost all of their lives to medal in these sporting events… And then in walks Big Judy, formerly known as Jerome, a biological fella who identifies as a woman, and no amount of hormone-therapy, surgery, psychoanalysis, or trendy media-coverage is going to turn Judy into an actual Judy.

Note also Jenner’s flippant and deceptive claim that there is “no big advantage.”

Anyone who watches sporting events knows that medals and victories are oftentimes handed out over miniscule differences, tenths of a second, sixteenths of an inch… While I disagree that a biological male does not have a “big” advantage (he almost always does), even if you take Jenner’s word for it, any unfair advantage in sports is not only unacceptable and grossly unfair to the competition, what about the fans?

Who the hell wants to sit back and watch a cheater cheat and win?

And this cheating swings both ways. Back in February a biological woman competed as a woman wrestler, but because she is transitioning into a man and was therefore pumped full of testosterone – a steroid that is normally a disqualifier in sports – she was not disqualified and naturally won the event.

The Left’s deranged embrace of all forms of political correctness is totally screwing women.

On top of shafting female athletes, as a means to worship at the altar of multiculturalism, these very same people who claim to be feminists are also cuddling with Islam over Western values. And guess who the chief victims of Islamism are? Women, who are subjugated into second class citizens.

And, yes, we are going to see more and more men take advantage of this fad as a means to compete and win in women’s sports.

The Left is eating its own tail, which is why right now I identify as this.

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