Anti-Israel Commentators Want More Jews To Die To Even Things Out In Gaza


On Wednesday, anti-Israel commentators brought forth their newest argument: more Jews should have died in the Gaza clashes, to prevent perception of a massacre. Yes, Israel should have sent its soldiers forth to be killed in Gaza so that journalists from The New York Times could feel better about things.

Never mind that if Israel had not shot those attempting to break through its border, thousands of people would have died — any breach in the border fence would quickly have been followed by a mass rush through the border by terrorists and terrorist allies, forcing Israel to shoot huge quantities of people. Never mind that Israel was created specifically in order to prevent Jewish death, and to end global expectations that Jews had to die to achieve moral parity.

No, more Jews obviously had to let themselves be killed to please the Western media. Here’s Damon Linker from The Week:

It’s just not sporting for Israel not to let its soldiers be murdered for no reason, old chap.

Then there’s commentator Haroon Moghul at NBCNews.com, who wrote:

A hugely disproportionate number of Palestinians die, while few if any Israelis ever do (in this case: zero). Still Israel claims it is defending itself.

Well, yes. If you try to kill me and I defend myself by killing you, the score is now 1-0 in my favor. And I was still defending myself. But Moghul’s actual agenda is clear: he thinks there should be no state of Israel, so Jews could go back to being killed willy-nilly at the behest of others. He states, “This is not a conflict between two equal and competing narratives. The Palestinians were already there.”

By this logic, Israel ought not exist at all. Which is exactly what Moghul wants:

Americans have every right to reject this alliance, and propose in its stead a foreign policy that serves our interests, as well as our values. … The only future for Israelis and Palestinians that offers both security and dignity is a single state which shares some higher functions, and delegates others to its constituent peoples.

The goal here would be the demographic dissolution of Israel and its destruction as a Jewish state. At least Moghul isn’t hiding the ball.

Anyone claiming that more Jews ought to die in order to establish moral superiority is a person who wouldn’t grant that moral superiority no matter how many Jews died. The very argument that more Jews ought to die is why Israel exists.

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