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Another One? San Francisco Man Says MAGA Supporter Vandalized Property

By  Paul Bois

It turns out that “MAGA country” reaches far and wide with no discernible border or boundary, from the icy streets of Chicago to the golden gate of San Francisco, where a man claims his property was vandalized by a “MAGA supporter” because he displayed an “Impeach Trump” sign on his balcony.

According to ABC News, the anonymous homeowner fears that his “Impeach Trump” sign may have drawn the ire of a secret MAGA man lurking somewhere in the predominantly left-wing city. First, he received threatening letters; three months later, the “MAGA supporter” egged his front door.

“I kind of feel like the eggs had gone too far and I felt violated at that point,” the anonymous resident said. “My kids live with me and I thought what will he do next? He can throw a rock through my window.”

The first letter sent to the man said, “Best you remove that sign or face some consequences!” Two weeks later, he received an even stronger, more aggressive letter.

“Then two weeks ago, I got a second handwritten note that was a little bit disturbing. It said, ‘MAGA– Trump and with an obscene gesture said F— U Libby’, and this one, it looked like someone had spent a lot of time on it. It was premeditated more so than the other ones,” said the homeowner.

The sign displayed on the man’s second-floor balcony reads: “If you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention — Impeach Trump.”

“I have no intention of taking the sign down,” said the San Francisco resident.

No police report has been filed as a result of the vandalism, so no investigation to apprehend the suspect is underway. Instead, the homeowner posted a photo of who he thinks is the suspect on the app NextDoor hoping someone would identify him. Neighbors have expressed their support, with some now planning to display their own anti-Trump signs in solidarity.

“I always appreciate his sign. I just live across the street and I’m fully supportive of his sign. I think it’s a matter of protecting free speech rights,” resident Sara Warner told reporters. “Now if he has five signs he’s going to be too busy. He’s not going to come after everyone. I think there is strength in numbers.”

With no police investigation, time will tell if the mysterious egg-throwing MAGA man will be unmasked.

In the wake of the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax and the Covington schoolboys catastrophe, the fear now is whether or not a “boy who cried wolf” scenario will arise regarding other hate crimes. Writing at USA Today, James S. Robbins notes that the litany of hoax hate crimes in the Trump era will severely hurt the victims of actual hate crimes:

The potentially libelous coverage of the Covington Catholic High School kids at the Lincoln Memorial is one example. There was also a false allegation levied against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, which many initially believed. Whether the hoaxes involve racial slurs, homophobic death threats, hijab grabbing, racially motivated vandalism, racist graffiti, church burning, or spray-painted swastikas, in every such case the perpetrator relies on the willingness or even eagerness of others to believe that this type of behavior credibly reflects a chronically sick and divided country.

This diminishes the experiences of the actual victims of bias crime in America, and gives a platform to those who want to sow division and discord.

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