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Another Comedian Won’t Perform on College Campuses After Snowflakes Get Upset

By  Ashe Schow

Comedian Andy Gross was forced to apologize for a routine he performed that upset Purdue University students.

Gross was performing at the Indiana university when he called a female student onto the stage to assist him in a card trick, and made comments school officials deemed “inappropriate.”

“Some walked out of his Saturday performance and accused Gross of harassing a female student he called on stage to assist with his routine,” the Associated Press wrote. “They say he made a crude reference to his own genitalia and requested that the student touch his leg, among other comments they found distasteful.”

In a video posted of the routine, Gross asks the female student to stand back-to-back with him “cheek-to-cheek.” He then asks her to concentrate on the card she pulled so hard that he could “feel your vibrations” — to laughter and jeers. He then tells her he needs her to place her hand on his leg (presumably to pass her thoughts to him). She does so, placing her hand on the outside of his thigh, to which he responded: “Holy crap she’s doing it!” Later, when he fails to correctly draw the card she chose, he says “Well, I got a free feel out of it.”

Throughout the routine, students can be heard laughing and scoffing.

For this, Gross had to apologize. A representative for the comedian said he was “profoundly sorry” for his routine, and regrets upsetting the students. She also said Gross would not perform on college campuses anymore.

Gross is simply the latest comedian to stop performing at colleges and universities because of political correctness. In 2014, Chris Rock said he wouldn’t perform at colleges because they were “too conservative” — meaning too politically correct.

Jerry Seinfeld said in 2015 that he wouldn’t perform for college students because people tell him, “Don’t go near colleges. They’re so PC.”

Larry the Cable Guy also refuses to go to college campuses. The Atlantic wrote an entire article about college students’ inability to take a joke.

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