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Another Bail Reform Fail: Gang Member Released From Prison, Sent Back Same Day For Committing Same Crime
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A man who claims to be a member of the dangerous MS-13 gang was released from prison thanks to New York’s bail reform law, only to be arrested the same day for committing the same crime that landed him in jail in the first place.

Eusebio Jax-Mejia, 21, was jailed on January 1 after stealing a vehicle from Dutchess County and then giving Walton police a fake name. At the time, he was imprisoned on charges of “criminal possession of stolen property in the 3rd degree, a class D felony and false impersonation, a class B misdemeanor,” WBNG reported.

Jax-Mejia was released Tuesday thanks to New York’s bail reform law, which has allowed numerous criminals to go free after their arrest rather than sit in jail for their crimes. The law was intended to ensure that the jail system wasn’t allowing wealthy individuals more freedom than low-income criminals who couldn’t “buy” their way out of prison. But large bail amounts would be set to prohibit dangerous people from returning to the streets, but now some of those people are being let loose to commit the same crimes that landed them in prison in the first place.

Just hours after Jax-Mejia was released, he was arrested again for stealing a vehicle – this time a vehicle from outside the Delaware County Public Safety building, WBNG reported. This time Jax-Mejia was charged with “grand larceny in the 3rd degree, a class D felony,” the outlet reported.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office addressed Jax-Mejia’s arrest and took a shot at the bail reform law.

“This is just one of many examples of the failed so-called bail reform legislation that was enacted on January 1st. Dangerous criminals throughout New York State are being released after committing violent, felony-level acts only to re-offend and continue to commit dangerous felony-level acts, creating victims and wreaking havoc in their wake,” said Sheriff Craig DuMond. “Does Governor Cuomo and our State Legislature really believe that dangerous criminals who are immediately released will not re-offend and instead show up for court? Real victims are being created by the hour and real lives are being lost. When will they come to their senses and fix the problems they created? The people of New York State are crying out and their voices are falling on deaf ears. The first duty of any public official is to provide for the safety of the people they represent and, currently, they are failing miserably. I call upon the Governor and State Legislature to put politics aside and immediately address the dangerous pieces of bail and discovery reform.”

The Daily Wire has reported previously that one person has already died due to the bail reform law. Jonathan Armand Flores-Maldonado, 27, was killed after Jordan Randolph – a man with a lengthy criminal history that includes numerous drunk driving offenses – was released from prison. Randolph had been arrested for failing to obtain the court-ordered ignition interlock device for his car. He was released on January 1 and 11 days later was involved in a crash that killed Flores-Maldonado. Randolph was charged with a DWI in connection with the crash.

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