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An Instagram Influencer Allegedly Scammed Followers Out Of $1.4 Million. Now She’s Taunting Them With Pictures Of Her Luxury Vacation.
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An Indonesian influencer under investigation for scamming followers out of $1.4 million is seemingly taunting her victims by posting photos of herself on vacation in Bali.

Dea Rizky Adriana, from Medan in the Indonesian province of North Sumatra, was arrested in April for allegedly stealing the money from what The U.S. Sun called “a community savings scheme” that she led.

After news of the missing money was made public, Adriana shut down commenting on her social media accounts. She then deactivated them and disappeared. Recently, however, she has returned to social media with photos of herself on a luxury vacation in Bali, the Sun reported:

Adriana was apparently seen next in the Indonesian island of Bali posting images of herself flaunting her luxury lifestyle, according to the news site Tribun Medan.

Victims took to Instagram to once again raise the subject of the alleged scam and called on her to return the missing cash to them.

They raised the issue of the influencer appearing to have travelled to Bali, where new images show the woman showing off her lifestyle.

Police in Medan did not comment on whether they knew where she was.

Adriana was apparently not charged with any crimes, the outlet noted, since the investigation was still ongoing when she fled to Bali. That investigation continues.

Adriana is not the only influencer in trouble with the law. As The Daily Wire previously reported, a white Instagram influencer in California accused a Latino couple of following her around a Michael’s craft store, making comments about her young children, and even trying to grab her stroller.

Fox News reported that Katie Sorensen, who is white, accused Sadie and Eddie Martinez of trying to kidnap her children from the craft store. Sorensen regularly posts on social media about her kids, and her allegations ended up pushing her number of followers on Instagram from 6,000 to more than 80,000.

“Police said she reported that she was followed by a couple as she pushed her children in a stroller through a parking lot outside the store,” Fox reported. “She said the pair made comments about the appearance of the children and lingered near her vehicle as she placed them inside. At the time, Sorensen said she didn’t want anyone arrested, but instead wanted to draw attention to the couple’s behavior, police said.”

Sorensen posted a video on social media a week after the alleged incident where she “included information that had not been initially presented” to police, the PPD said.

Sorensen also talked to KTVU-TV about the alleged incident.

“I saw these people, they didn’t look necessarily clean-cut,” she told the outlet. “I felt uncomfortable around them, and instead of making them uncomfortable with my discomfort, I chose to remain in my discomfort.”

She claimed the man had looked at her when she was outside the store, and that he and his wife followed her around the store and were describing her children to someone while on the phone.

“I heard them talking about the features of my children, but I was totally paralyzed with fear,” Sorensen told the outlet. “I just couldn’t bring myself to say anything.”

She claimed the couple followed her around the store and stood behind her in line even though they didn’t buy anything, and then followed her through the parking lot to her SUV. She said there was a white van parked next to her vehicle, which was far from the store. She claimed the couple took a few steps toward her but then stepped back, saying the only explanation for this was that they “were just building the courage” for the kidnapping.

Sorensen claimed the man reached for the stroller, but an older man was nearby, “saw what was going on, and I just yelled for help.”

Police found no evidence to support Sorensen’s claim, and she now faces two misdemeanor counts for her alleged lies to police, the Daily Beast reported.

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