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Amherst Students Condemn America On 9/11. Here’s How The College Republicans Responded.

On the day the country mourned the anniversary of 9/11, a banner condemning the War on Terror was draped over Valentine Hall at Amherst College in Massachusetts. The banner includes a quote by radical historian Howard Zinn: “There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”

Below the Zinn quote is the statement: “In honor of those killed and displaced by America’s so-called ‘war on terror.'”

The identities of those who draped it are unknown but it since has been removed.

The Amherst College Republicans in response displayed the American flag along with a sign that read “Never Forget” in the same hall.

This occurred just a week after the Amherst College Republicans held their first meeting of the year, at which their windows were greeted with flyers declaring, “THIS IS OUR CAMPUS, NOT THE KLAN’S.”

In a lengthy message regarding the incident on their Facebook page, the group replied, “ACR condemns white supremacy, the KKK & related groups, etc. and we hope the Amherst community at large will not fall into making broad & grave generalizations about those who fall on the right of the political spectrum.”

A rope appearing to have been tied into a noose was also found on campus. The incident is currently under investigation.

Republican students are not unaccustomed to receiving race-baiting and racist backlash from their leftist peers. Most recently, after the College Republicans at San Diego State University called for the campus Muslim Student Association to disavow the attacks in Barcelona last month, and after the MSA refused, the College Republicans were accused of bigotry. On their Facebook page, the Transfronterizo Alliance Student Organization, which describes themselves as working towards an “inclusive campus environment for SDSU students who live a transborder lifestyle,” wrote:

We demand a safe and inclusive campus environment for all San Diego State University students and will not tolerate further racist, xenophobic and Islamophobic letters by the San Diego State College Republicans toward any other student group or campus community.

Leftist students will continue to conflate conservatism with racism. They will also routinely ignore whenever conservative students publicly speak out against the very same malevolence of which that they are unfairly accused.

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