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AMERICA’S ACTOR: Chris Pratt Hosts Contest To Support Veterans Charity
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On Friday, actor Chris Pratt announced a new contest meant to benefit an important charity called the Brain Treatment Foundation, which focuses on veterans.

Pratt, who has been routinely hit by left-wing media outlets for his outspoken Christian faith and seemingly conservative values, is an avid supporter of those who’ve served in the armed forces.

In his latest effort to support veterans, Pratt asks folks to chip in $10 for a chance to hang out with the actor on the set of the Pratt-starring film, “The Tomorrow War.” All proceeds from the contest will be directed to the veteran-focused Brain Treatment Foundation, which provides “support for brain health initiatives relating to treatment, rehabilitation, research and public education.”

The organization’s mission “is to improve quality of life by providing multi-faceted programs that promote healing for the veteran, ultimately creating a positive impact that reaches beyond each individual to their family and surrounding community.”

“You and a friend get flown to Atlanta, put up in hotel, super fancy, it will be awesome,” Pratt announced, in a video posted to his Instagram account. “We’ll be best fiends, we’ll be texting each other, sending each other pics, and you can make all your others friends jealous.”

“We’re gonna raise a bunch of money for this great foundation called the Brain Treatment Foundation,” he continued, adding, “On top of that, me, Skydance, and Paramount, are gonna be kicking in some cash, as well. We’re gonna raise them a bunch of money, so join in!”

To enter, Pratt asked folks to click this link, which he posted in his Instagram bio.

In a statement to The Daily Wire, Brain Treatment Foundation’s Kara Williams heaped praise on the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star for his authentic dedication to veterans.

“We are proud that Chris has selected us as a beneficiary, not because of his celebrity status, but because he is genuine in his consistent support of the men and women who honorably protect our country and write a blank check for our freedom, up to and including the cost of their life,” Williams said. “Chris does this regardless of popularity or political environment and we are proud of what he represents and who he is as a man.”

“There aren’t words to express how blessed and grateful we feel to be given the opportunity to raise awareness for traumatic brain injury [TBI],” the organization’s statement continued. “TBI is nothing less than cruel in the silent way it slowly robs combat veterans of their quality of life. It’s truly devastating to those who incur this injury and their families, affecting their ability to function in everyday activities of life. Funds raised from this contest will provide brain health treatments for combat veterans that aren’t otherwise available to them.”

“May God continue to bless this amazing country!” added Williams.

Earlier this month, Mr. Pratt honored his veteran older brother, Cully, in honor of Veterans Day. In the heartfelt post, Pratt encouraged others to “’look at our veterans for who they are, actual people, with siblings and parents, with children and funny pasts’ and, in doing so, ‘approach our relationships to them with compassion and understanding,'” The Daily Wire noted.

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