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GUN CONTROL BACKFIRE: The Rise Of The Untraceable ‘Ghost Gun’

There has been a concerted effort by the mainstream media, Democrats, and now even Republican President Donald Trump to push heavy-handed gun control measures on the populace in the wake of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting that ended with 17 deaths and dozens of others injured.

But Americans will not give up their basic human right to lawful self-defense so easily.

Swiftly responding to the promised crackdown on Second Amendment rights, citizens are flocking to the National Rifle Association (NRA), hitting up gun shows, and buying up firearms. Google Trends have shown a record spike in the term “buy a gun” in the aftermath of the South Florida school shooting, and, similarly, searches for “join NRA” within the U.S. have significantly spiked.

One other avenue being exploited: do-it-yourself untraceable “ghost guns.”

Ghost guns have been a thorn in the side of liberal politicians who continually see their ineffectual gun control measures skirted by such homemade guns. The federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) regulates the receiver of a firearm; therefore, buying an incomplete receiver — an 80% lower, for example — that you complete yourself means you evade regulations, such as background checks, and the mandate for a serial number.

And, now, thanks to the Left’s anti-gun threats, there will be many more ghost guns in circulation.

Ghost Gunners, CNC milling machines used to produce ghost guns, have been selling in record numbers, Defense Distributed founder and director Cody Wilson told The Daily Wire.

In a short five-day span, Wilson has already seen his sales double what he’d typically bring in for a full Sunday-to-Sunday week. And although the Florida shooting and subsequent calls for gun control did not occur until about mid-month, Wilson says he’s nearly doubled his typical monthly gross revenue for February.

The 30-year-old told The Daily Wire that California — a heavy gun control state Wilson regularly sees high volume sales in — and Texas have been “going nuts” since the shooting. Florida, as you’d image, has produced a much higher rate of inquiry and sales at the Texas-based Defense Distributed.

Wilson described the consumer inquiries, of which he’s seen a massive uptick in, as “frantic.”

President Donald Trump’s most recent comments, which took a turn from the NRA’s ethos (to put it mildly), are helping bolster the support, says the Arkansas native.

The Daily Wire reached out to four other ghost gun-related companies, two of which are Florida-based, but did not hear back for comment.

The trend in ghost guns is on the rise. In February, the ATF’s Graham Barlowe complained to Boston 25 News about ghost gun: “We seize hundreds of these and the number’s been going up every year.”

“We see this trend becoming more popular and we do see an increase in the number of people selling these,” he added.

Barlowe claimed the ATF has “found ‘ghost guns’ or firearms made from unfinished receivers used in some horrific crimes.”

Speaking to The New York Times in November, Mark A. Tallman, an educator at Colorado State University-Pueblo’s Center for the Study of Homeland Security, claimed “a growing number of cases involving homemade guns, some of which were high-profile active shootings by precisely the sort of people who are prohibited from buying the weapons.” Tallman explained, “In foreign jurisdictions with stricter controls, homemade guns are quickly becoming a more pressing problem. In Australia for example, homemade guns are now conservatively estimated at 10-20 percent of illegal weapons seized by police.”

Plus, there are countless sites online where people can easily gain access to such ghost gun materials, regulation free.

There will indeed be further efforts by politicians and anti-gun activists to regulate and curb the appeal of untraceable ghost guns, but no such efforts have proven successful thus far. And the higher the volume is turned up on the calls for gun control, including from within the White House, it appears the appeal will only grow stronger.