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Americans Killed By ‘Dreamers’: ‘What About My Daughter’s Dreams?’

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump is expected to announce that he will end former President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in six months. The program has deferred deportation to some 800,000 illegal immigrants who came into the country as children, doling out work permits, social security cards, and offering them access to welfare programs.

The Left has predictably erupted with moral outrage over the reported end to the unconstitutional program, quickly painting anyone who supports the end of DACA as a heartless racist. The media has largely suppressed the reality that not all these strategically dubbed “Dreamers” are responsible, grateful citizens trying to make an honest living here in the United States. In fact, at least five young Americans have been killed by Dreamers.

In 2010, teenager Joshua Wilkerson was gruesomely murdered by a Dreamer in Houston, Texas.

When Joshua Wilkerson gave Dreamer Hermilo Moralez a ride home from school in November of 2010, the immigrant punched him in the face, causing Wilkerson instant blindness, and then kneed him so hard that it forced Wilkerson’s spleen into his spine. Moralez then beat the teen with a curtain rod, doused Wilkerson’s tied-up dead body in gasoline, and set the teen on fire.

“He was just like everybody’s kid. He was just an average kid. … He just was like your kid or anybody else’s kid in America,” said Joshua’s mother, Laura Wilkerson.

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In January, Dreamer Carlos Ruben Rodriguez was charged with murdering 24-year-old mother Kelsey Engelsen in Naples, Florida.

Naples News reported:

Carlos Ruben Rodriguez, of the 4500 block of Gulfstream Drive, is charged with murder, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release Sunday. […]

A motive for the shooting was unclear Sunday afternoon. Detectives said there was an argument involving several people, including Rodriguez, in the back parking lot of the bar.

Howie Carr of The Howie Carr Show said he spoke to Engelsen’s father, Curt, last week.

“He murdered my daughter outside a bar in Naples,” Curt told Carr. “They said he was a ‘Dreamer.’ She was 24. What about my daughter’s dreams? And her daughter’s – she left a 2-year-old girl. If you’re an American murdered by one of these people, I guess you don’t get to dream.”

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In 2008, 17-year-old Los Angeles High School football star Jamiel Shaw II was murdered in cold blood by gang member and Dreamer Pedro Espinoza.

According to the Los Angeles Times, prosecutors argued Shaw was targeted and murdered because the 17-year-old “was a black man wearing a red backpack.” Espinoza apparently thought Shaw was a member of the Bloods gang.

Shaw, not a member of the Bloods, was wearing a red Spider-Man themed backpack.

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“The panel found to be true allegations that Espinoza committed the crime in association with a gang and that he personally discharged a firearm,” noted the Times.

Chillingly, Espinoza showed no remorse for this crime:

With hair slicked back and wearing dark-rimmed glasses, Espinoza stared blankly at jurors as the verdict was read, pursing his lips. After they left the courtroom, he glanced back at the spectators and smiled.

“Some people believe if you are brought over by no fault of your own that it makes you a good person,” the victim’s father, Jamiel Shaw, said to a House subcommittee in 2015. “They want us to believe that DREAM act kids don’t murder. I am here to debunk that myth.”

“DREAM Act kids have turned my family’s American dream into a nightmare,” he added. “How many Americans killed by illegal aliens are too many?”


In 2013, a Dreamer ran over two little girls, stepsisters Anna Dieter-Eckerdt, 6, and Abigail Robinson, 11, while they were playing in a leaf pile.

Dreamer Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros ran over step-sisters Anna, 6, and Abigail, 11, in 2013, who were playing in a pile of leaves in the road, killing them both. Garcia-Cisneros then drove straight to an auto car wash in what the court ruled was an attempt to wash the evidence from her SUV.

After her conviction, the immigrant sought an appeal; in 2017, her conviction was overturned, the court saying there was insufficient evidence that she knew she ran over the girls and was deliberately trying to rid her car of the evidence. She still lives in America.

“Tom Robinson and Susan Dieter-Robinson, the parents of Anna and Abigail, said in a statement that they were saddened and confused by the appeals court ruling. They said Garcia-Cisneros ‘has continued to make choices to avoid the consequences for her behavior,’ and a jury ‘agreed with the intent of the law’ in finding her guilty,” reported Oregon Live.

“We will continue to honor our girls by not letting today’s disappointment turn into anger or bitterness,” said the parents’ statement. “Today that is a little hard to do but tomorrow is another day.”

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