American Power Crisis Ahead: Natural Gas Imports Increase Following Democrat-Driven Pipeline Shutdowns
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As more U.S. natural gas pipelines shut down due to climate concerns and the regulations prompted by them, the country is becoming increasingly reliant on foreign natural gas resources. One of the main importers of natural gas, Massachusetts, is reportedly increasing its liquid natural gas (LNG) imports from Trinidad and Tobago in South America over 2,300 miles away, at an estimated cost of over $8 per thousand cubic feet (MCF). The nearest American oil field, Marcellus Shale, is several hundred miles away and much cheaper: under $5 per MCF.

The Daily Wire asked one of the largest energy providers in the Northeast, Boston Gas (National Grid), about the natural gas imports. We also asked them what additional costs would be passed onto customers. Spokesman Bob Kievra didn’t offer specific answers to our inquiries. Instead, he relayed that natural gas service would be reliable and uninterrupted.

“We’re confident in our ability to deliver safe, reliable natural gas service to our customers this winter,” stated Kievra. “We have robust plans in place to ensure the gas supply needs of our customers are fully met.”

The Biden administration has moved to cut off further development of new pipeline projects while imposing increased burdens on existing ones. Immediately after President Joe Biden took office, the administration paused all new oil and gas leasing on federal lands; they are currently appealing a federal court’s ruling against those suspensions. Additionally, the Biden administration omitted any mention of pipelines in their proposed infrastructure plan fact sheet.

Climate concerns over the pipelines include the adverse effects of fracking, such as increased global warming from air pollutants, or groundwater pollution from spills. As a result, activists want the Biden administration to shut down all pipelines — not just natural gas pipelines. Several key natural gas pipelines have shut down recently: the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, PennEast Pipeline, STL Pipeline, and the Constitution Pipeline.

Those aren’t the only pipelines facing the possibility of shutting down. In May, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer ordered the shutdown of Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline over spillage concerns — though that line hasn’t had that issue in its 67-year existence. Another major pipeline, the Mountain Valley Pipeline, has been held back from completion due to costly regulations, delays, and challenges. The pipeline’s estimated cost of completion sat around $3 billion but has now increased to over $6 billion. 

Toby Rice – the CEO of one of the largest natural gas producers, EQT Corporation – told The Daily Wire that this pattern of increased reliance on a foreign supply and “green” energy is leading the country down a road toward a power crisis. He emphasized that reliable energy sources are key to quality of life and to progress, and countered the emissions concerns over fossil fuels with the argument that “green” energy sources weren’t nearly as reliable.

“I think energy is probably one of the most misunderstood aspects of modern life. One thing that’s important to understand [is that] energy consumption provides for human progress,” said Rice. “Unfortunately, people miss that. There’s a lot of public negative sentiment because of the emissions profiling when using fossil fuels, and they ignore the benefits.”

Not all Americans rely on natural gas to heat their homes — a small percentage rely on heating oil. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), approximately 5.5 million households still relied on heating oil to heat their homes last year — about 4 percent of all households in the country. Over 81 percent of those homes were in the Northeast, concentrated in five states (ranked from highest percentage of homes who used heating oil to lowest): New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maine.

Europe is currently in the throes of an energy crisis, with natural gas prices up to over six times what they were last year. They’ve transformed their power grid to prioritize green, renewable solutions, such as solar and wind power. Over the last few months, however, there was about 20 percent less wind power produced than anticipated, leaving the continent scrambling for gas to offset the loss. One major benefactor from Europe’s energy crisis will likely be Russia.

Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) has been outspoken about the impact of pipelines and the need for transitioning to renewable energy. His office didn’t respond to The Daily Wire’s request for comment by press time. 

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