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Amazon’s ‘The Man In the High Castle’ Depicts Life Under Barack Obama

Amazon’s streaming service, which might be one of the greatest deals in the history of America, just released the second season of “The Man In The High Castle,” which is based on the 1963 novel by Philip K. Dick. The series is a fascinating one that explores an alternate universe where America lost World War II and now lives under the totalitarian rule of the Axis Powers. Imperial Japan runs the left side of our country, Nazi Germany the right.

If you have seen the show, which is well worth your time, it doesn’t take long to figure out that “The Man In the High Castle” is nothing more than a thinly-disguised attack on Barack Obama’s vision for America, where President RagingFascist would take us if he had everything he wanted, which is All The Power.

Hey, I’m not saying the people behind the series know what they have done.

But the evidence speaks for itself. Let me count the ways…

1. Guns are illegal.

2. Religion is illegal and has been replaced with prayers and pledges to the state and its Dear Leader.

3. Need I even say it … The Jews.

4. The rules are for little people. The elite pretty much do what they want.

5. Local government has been eradicated. Central government rules everything.

6. Citizens are forced to violate their conscience.

7. Movies are propaganda, primarily to boost the image of Dear Leader.

8. Movies critical of the Reich, the Imperial Japanese and its leaders are illegal.

9. Doctors are required to snitch to the Reich.

10. The physically undesirable are being systematically removed from the gene pool.

11. Nazi officials say things like, “Communal immortality is achieved through a life lived for the collective.”

12. The news media serves only the state.

13. Language is twisted to hide the truth.

14. There is mass surveillance.

And finally, my personal fave…

15. The Imperial Japanese and the Nazis exist only on the coasts. They are not interested in Middle America. The middle of our country is ignored, forgotten, left to rot…

What exactly would a dystopian vision of a conservative America look like anyway?

I picture a place where…

People who have the choice of whether or not to buy health insurance also own a gun (if they want to) and go to church (if they want to) and politely decline to serve a same-sex wedding but are happy to refer you to someone who will.

A place where mentally ill men in dresses are not allowed to pee next to your daughter, where Israel is treated like the 51st state, and all the federal government does is respect the Constitution and kill terrorists.

Where taxes are low, most government is in control of the locals, babies aren’t murdered for convenience, no one cares if Bruce and Jerry live together, and every poor, black child gets a Golden Ticket to a private school.

Imagine being able to say whatever you like because words are not treated as physical acts.

Imagine men not being emasculated.

Imagine a reboot of “Death Wish” not starring Shia Le-what’s-his-name.

Imagine the police actually stopping rioters from burning down black businesses.

Okay, so everybody won’t get a trophy…

You got me on that one.

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