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Amazon Alexa Celebrates LGBT Pride Month

By  Paul Bois

It’s no secret that the Amazon Alexa believes in the social justice cause. From her feminist screeds to her calling Jesus Christ a “fictional character,” she comes locked and loaded with a fully-armored set of Silicon Valley values.

For LGBT Pride Month, the Amazon Alexa will come equipped with a collection of special “queer facts,” Pink News reports.

“Alexa, tell me a Pride fact,” goes the command, which will then prompt the SJW bot into offering up more than 90 items related to “queer history, politics, arts, and entertainment.” Amazon’s LGBT employee group Glamazon and the left-wing lobbying group Human Rights Campaign (HRC) sponsored the move.

Among the facts will be statistics of countries that have overturned traditional marriage along with advertisements for the HRC. There will also be trivia questions like naming the date when the LGBT movement created the rainbow flag: 1978.

“The partnership is an exciting opportunity to celebrate Pride, honor our LGBTQ history and remember that despite all the recent gains we’ve made, there is still a ways to go on the road to full equality for LGBTQ people,” HRC said in a statement. “This project also helps those who may not be able to attend a Pride celebration in person by bringing Pride to them.”

As noted by LifeSiteNews, Amazon has gone gung-ho rainbow in celebration of LGBT Pride Month this year.

“Over the weekend the company illuminated the glass domes at its Seattle headquarters with rainbow lights and unfurled a 40-foot pride flag, and in April it added more than 60 LGBT films to its Amazon Prime Video streaming service,” reports the outlet.

Virtually every major corporation, from AT&T to Macy’s to JetBlue to Apple to Gap, will be celebrating LGBT Pride Month in some way this year. The clothing retailer J. Crew recently took some flack for marketing Pride-themed clothes to children as young as two.

The Trump administration angered leftists this year by refusing to recognize LGBT Pride Month, a departure from his predecessor who lit the entire White House up in rainbow colors.

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