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Alyssa Milano Tweets About The Constitution Again. Internet Melts Down.

Actress Alyssa Milano’s Twitter feed has become ground zero for hot takes on hot button social and political topics of the left-leaning celebrity variety. In recent months, she’s tackled the weighty issue of judicial interpretation and constitutional rights.

In the wake of the horrific Parkland shooting, Milano posted her rationale for the repeal of the Second Amendment (hint: it has to do with bloodletting and lead paint). On Tuesday, the actress weighed in on another amendment of the Constitution, the 14th, arguing that it “clearly” wasn’t intended to apply to women.

The constitutional debate got rolling with Milano accusing House Speaker Paul Ryan (who happens to be a Republican) of supposedly not believing that women should have equal protection under the Constitution (h/t Twitchy).

“I asked for a meeting with @SpeakerRyan today—to discuss equality for women and the Equal Rights Amendment—he declined,” tweeted Milano. “96% of Americans believe that women should be protected under the constitution. He is the 4%. #ERANow”

That post prompted this reply quoting the 14th Amendment:

Milano responded by asserting that the 14th Amendment was “clearly” not intended to apply to women because they couldn’t vote when it was written.

“Hi. The 14th amendment was included in the constitution before women even had the right to vote so clearly it was not meant to apply to us,” she wrote.

As with all of her politically-charged posts, her apparently not-sarcastic statement sparked some strong responses, mostly mocking, though some were somewhat sympathetic. A few examples:

In case you missed Milano’s argument for the repeal of the Second Amendment, here you go:

You can read some hilarious responses to it here.

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