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Alyssa Milano Pushes Mail-In Voting, Says Trump Using Pandemic To Suppress Turnout
WESTWOOD, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 10: Alyssa Milano attends a Special Screening of Liongate's "Bombshell" at Regency Village Theatre on December 10, 2019 in Westwood, California.
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After defending Joe Biden despite the sexual assault allegation against him, actress and Democratic Party activist Alyssa Milano has pushed for mail-in voting, accusing Trump and the GOP of using the COVID-19 pandemic to suppress voter turnout in the upcoming election.

In a lengthy op-ed for CNN, the former “Charmed” star first blasts President Trump for allegedly trying to suppress the vote ever since his election, arguing he has now seized the pandemic moment to make Americans choose between exercising their right to vote or protecting their health.

“We need to be clear about what this is: voter suppression. It’s one of the only tools in their campaign toolbox – and like the Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin who forced an in-person primary without proper protection – Trump is willing to make voters choose between their health and their vote,” writes Milano. “It’s outrageous and deeply cynical. And frankly, Republicans in Washington are also wrong about the facts.”

It should be noted that the in-person primary vote in Wisconsin doesn’t appear to have led to a discernible spike in COVID-19 cases out of the 413,000 voters who went to the polls.

“The state said about two dozen people may have been infected on election day,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. “Some have characterized these numbers as an ‘uptick,’ but the experts are cautious.”

Ryan Westergaard, the chief medical officer at the Department of Health Services, said that no link could be established between the primary and small spike in cases seen in the state. Oguzhan Alagoz, an expert in infectious-disease modeling at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, echoed his sentiments.

“With the data we have, we can’t prove an association,” Westergaard said. “It would be speculative to say that was definitely the cause without really investigating closely and being clear that somebody really had no other potential exposure to infected people. I don’t think we have the resources to really do that to know definitely.”

“I don’t think that the in-person election led to a major effect, to my surprise. I expected it,” said Alagoz.

Nevertheless, Alyssa Milano believes that COVID-19 is such a threat that the United States needs to cancel all in-person voting and allow mail-in voting, which has tremendous potential for fraud.

As The Daily Wire’s Hank Berrien reported:

According to one researcher, if the Democrats succeed in their hopes for implementing nationwide mail-in voting, as many as 24 million ineligible voters could vote. The Pew Research Center reported in 2012 that state voter rolls include 24 million ineligible or inaccurate voter registrations, stating, “Approximately 24 million voter registrations in the United States—one of every eight—are no longer valid or have significant inaccuracies, according to the Pew Center on the States’ Election Initiatives.”

Even though mail-in voting will surely benefit Democrats in the upcoming election, Milano paints it as a bipartisan issue, citing the few Republican senators that have supported it, and conservative states, such as Utah, that have used it to vote in recent elections.

“Vote-by-mail is safe, time-tested, and secure – and doesn’t benefit one party or another, no matter what Trump says,” she writes.

Repeating the doom and gloom talking-points, Milano says that mail-in voting will be essential in the coming fall, when the so-called “second wave” of COVID-19 will hit.

“With a second wave of the virus expected to be even more devastating this fall, the urgency to implement options like vote by mail is increasing,” she writes. “Instead of wasting time jamming through more radical, anti-choice judges, Senate Republicans should side with House Democrats and support important voting reforms. The states must act too.”

Read her full article here.

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