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Alyssa Milano Posts Racially Charged Tweet About NRA. NRA’s Colion Noir Responds.

Actress and progressive activist Alyssa Milano took to Twitter this week to try to find another way to smear the Left’s primary target since Parkland, the National Rifle Association. The result was a racially charged tweet that initiated yet another internet meltdown.

Earlier this week, Milano attempted to contribute to the gun control debate by posting this gem:

“If @NRA or @NRATv were run by brown or black people, it would be labeled a terrorist organization with hate propaganda programming that incites violence.”

Most notable of the responses was from the NRA’s Colion Noir, who happens to be black and never shies away from addressing the issue of race as it relates to gun rights.

“That’s odd because I spent all last week being called a Terrorist by people who say what you just said only without the passive aggressive tone,” he wrote (h/t Twitchy).

A few examples of other responses to Milano’s tweet, many of which are a lot less cordial:

This isn’t the first time Milano has caused a stir online with a gun control post. A few days after the Parkland shooting, she posted what she believed to be a solid rationale for repealing the Second Amendment: It was written way back when, well, the Constitution was written:

The response was equally strong.

Noir has been right in the middle of the national debate on gun control and school safety, particularly as it relates to race and racism. Among his many responses to the newly re-invigorated gun control/anti-NRA campaign sparked by Parkland, he recently slammed gun control activist David Hogg for speaking on behalf of African Americans:

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