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ALTERNATIVE FACTS: NAACP President Lies About Jeff Sessions, Claims He Is Soft On Sexual Assault

By  Elliott

Last week, ahead of the Judiciary Committee’s vote to confirm Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, NAACP President and CEO Cornell Brooks wrote the following tweet calling to stop it.

Brooks asserted that Sessions believes that grabbing a woman by her genitals constitutes sexual assault. However, this is an alternative fact intended to mislead angry leftists.

During his confirmation hearing, Senator Sessions answered questions posed by Sen. Patrick Leahy regarding sexual assault related to President Trump’s comments in 2005 with Billy Bush. Here is the exchange:

Leahy: As you recall, Mr. Trump bragged about how he had grabbed women and so on, you said ‘I don’t characterize that as sexual assault.’ Is grabbing a woman by her genitals without consent – is that sexual assault?

Sessions: Clearly, it would be… the confusion about the question, it was a hypothetical question, and it related to what was said on the tape, I did not remember, at the time, whether this was suggested to be an unaccepted, unwanted – which certainly meets the definition, if that’s what the tape said, then that would be…

Leahy: My question is very simple, is grabbing a woman by her genitals without consent, is that sexual assault?

Sessions: Yes.

Despite the testimony Sen. Sessions gave during his hearing, Cornell Brooks remains insistent that the Attorney General nominee is soft on sexual assault. Meanwhile, Brooks and other members of the NAACP plead guilty for occupying Sessions’s office in Mobile, Alabama a few months ago. The NAACP, led by Brooks, will go far and wide to slander Jeff Sessions. As I have written before, such activities will only harm the Democrats and their allies down the road.

Watch the aforementioned exchange below.

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