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Almost Two-Thirds Of Americans Think China Should Pay Reparations In Lab-Leak Scenario, Poll Says
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Almost two-thirds of Americans believe that China should be forced to pay reparations for the COVID-19 pandemic if the virus is found to have leaked accidentally from a Chinese lab, according to a new poll.

“Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that the Chinese regime should pay reparations for the destruction caused by the human coronavirus pandemic, according to a TIPP Poll conducted for the Center for Security Policy,” wrote Michael Waller, a Senior Analyst for the Center.

According to the poll, that number “rises from 63 percent to 78 percent if investigations reveal that the Chinese government released the SARS-CoV-19 human coronavirus on purpose.”

“The Center’s poll results generally coincide with the numbers of a new Politico-Harvard poll, which shows that 52 percent of the public believes that the virus that causes COVID-19 came from a ‘laboratory leak in China,’” the Center added. “The Center for Security Policy poll found that 49 percent believe that the virus ‘was developed in a lab.’”

When it comes to an “accidental release” scenario, 61 percent of Democrats and 71 percent of Republicans believed China should pay reparations. In an “intentional release” scenario, these numbers rose to 73 percent of Democrats and 88 percent of Republicans respectively.

Grouped by location, in the “accidental release” scenario, 66 percent of those from the Northeast thought China should be forced to pay reparations, compared to 83 percent in an “intentional release” scenario. These numbers were 61 percent and 78 percent for those in the Midwest, 63 percent and 74 percent for those in the South, and 64 percent and 82 percent for those in the West.

Generally, the numbers increased with the age of poll participants. For those aged between 18 and 24-years old, 50 percent believed China should pay pandemic reparations in the “accidental release” scenario, and 61 percent in the “intentional release scenario.” These numbers were 65 percent and 74 percent for those aged 25 to 44-years old, 64 percent and 82 percent for those aged 45 to 64-years old, and 66 percent and 87 percent for those aged 65-years-old and older.

Men were more likely to support reparations than women, with 72 percent of men in favor of reparations in the “accidental release” scenario and 82 percent in the “intentional release” scenario, compared to 55 percent and 75 percent for women.

Grouped by race, 64 percent of white participants supported reparations in the “accidental release” scenario, with 83 percent in the “intentional release” scenario. Black/Hispanic participants were 61 percent in favor of the “accidental release” scenario and 66 percent in the “intentional release” scenario.

The numbers also generally increased with income. Those with under $30,000 of annual income were 61 percent and 74 percent in favor of reparations for “accidental” or “intentional release” respectively. Between $30,000 and $50,000, this rose to 63 percent and 80 percent. Between $50,000 and $75,000, these numbers were 65 percent and 79 percent. For annual incomes over $75,000, these numbers were 67 percent and 85 percent.

The Center’s poll was conducted by TechnoMetrica, between June 30 and July 2, 2021, and the nationwide study had a sample of 1,424 Americans, 18 or older.

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